Top 3 Considerations for Custom Foam Inserts for Medical Equipment Cases

There’s an undeniable feeling of dread after a long work day spent traveling when you open up your case to find your medical equipment was broken in transit. Our custom cases with custom foam inserts can ensure that your medical, electronic, aerospace, and government equipment remains intact throughout your travels. We work with numerous industries who rely on our custom cases and foam inserts to protect against turbulence in transit and create custom solutions to wholly protect their items from damage. When reviewing types of custom foam inserts for your new custom case, you should keep these top 3 considerations in mind.

medical equipment case

When reviewing types of custom foam inserts for your medical equipment case, you should keep these top 3 considerations in mind.

Custom Foam Inserts: How Weighty or Fragile is the Medical Equipment You’re Protecting?

When selecting a custom foam insert for a custom case, you need to take into consideration the weight and fragility of the item you’ll be protecting. Weight and fragility plays a critical role in the protection of your item, so your choice in foam needs to be designed around that factor. Are you transporting a lightweight but fragile item? If so, you’ll likely need to incorporate polyurethane foam into your custom case. If your item is MUCH heavier, then you’ll want to incorporate a durable foam like polyethylene. 

Positioning of Your Medical Equipment

PSI Cases works with numerous industries to provide custom cushioning for items in our custom cases. Our foam inserts can be shaped around your specific items, which guarantees positioning within your custom case and necessary cushioning to protect against shockwaves during transportation. These custom foam inserts can also help you remove your items with ease, which decreases the risk of your items breaking.

Your Overall Satisfaction with Your Custom Cases Appearance

PSI Cases can help you design your custom case with custom foam inserts with your personalized taste in mind. Since you are involved in the design process, you end up with a product that protects your fragile equipment and also matches your chosen branding for the item. We have numerous colors and styles of cases to choose from, with varying specifications based upon your industry. Contact PSI Cases today for all of your custom case and custom foam insert needs!


PSI Cases have assembled personnel with over 50 years of combined experience in design, engineering, development, manufacturing, and sales. We design and manufacture systems integration packages and container solutions for clientele who represent interest from the private sector and government agencies.No matter what you need to carry, PSI Cases will be sure to have the right case for the job.

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