When Should You Use Foam Inserts?

When Should You Use Foam Inserts?

Custom foam inserts can be the difference between your items reaching their destination safely or with significant damage.

There are many packaging options you could use to keep your products safe. With so many choices available, you need to know which solution is best-suited for your needs. You don’t want anything fragile to be thrown into a crate with only a few packing peanuts protecting it from any damage it could take. When you need your products to be secure, that’s when you trust a custom case with foam inserts. Custom foam inserts can be the difference between your items reaching their destination safely or with significant damage.

Protecting Your Electronics

If you are handling electronics, you should understand how many fragile components they have. If they get mishandled while being transported to their destination, it could cause them to get damaged. Screens can get cracked. The casing may be dented. Buttons could get dislodged from the gadget(s). These are all possibilities if your items are not handled with care. The less they get shaken up, the better your electronics will function.

That is the beauty of custom foam inserts. They cradle your electronics perfectly, leaving them no room to get shaken up during travel. This keeps your products more safe and secure than other packing solutions without the need for any more wrapping.

Other Fragile Materials

If you’re transporting anything that can be cracked or broken easily, it’s best to put those items in cases with custom foam inserts. Like all fragile items, you want them protected so that they don’t reach their destination with any damage to them. On top of that, many fragile items, when broken, can shatter into sharp shards. Things such as broken glass or porcelain are dangerous and can cause injuries. By using custom foam inserts, you protect your products as well as yourself.

Items That Have Multiple Pieces

If you have a product that is made up of many pieces, you might not want the person receiving it to find a bunch of tiny pieces scattered around the interior of your case. Chances are that any packing container will get tossed and turned during travel, meaning small pieces can get thrown all around the inside of your case. Using custom foam inserts is a safer option because your items will be kept in place even if the case is tossed around during its trip. Just because the product needs to travel, it doesn’t mean its different pieces have to travel along your case’s interior.


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