What Type of Equipment is Protected in a Custom Case?

At PSI Cases, we know how important it is that your equipment is thoroughly protected with custom foam support. Whether you’re in the entertainment industry, working for the government, or a traveling nurse — it’s important to keep your equipment protected. Numerous industries work with PSI Cases to build out a case with their personal design in mind in order to effectively protect their equipment. You might’ve found yourself wondering what type of equipment is perfect for protection within a custom case from PSI. Here’s a few examples of equipment we make personalized cases for. 

custom cases

You might’ve found yourself wondering what type of equipment is perfect for protection within a custom case from PSI.

Custom Case for Your Electronic Equipment

PSI works with a multitude of industries to provide electronic equipment protection. Specifically: telecommunications, entertainment, and even musical equipment. A custom case is the perfect place to store microphones that need protection from vibrational shocks in transit, vital electronics that could be rendered unusable if water seeped into your case, and even military equipment for military branches. With PSI, we can specially design custom inserts made out of your desired materials and personalize any case of your choice to protect your electronic equipment. 

Aerospace Equipment Organization 

PSI Cases works with aerospace industries to provide protection for their aerospace equipment. The aerospace industry features unique equipment that isn’t found within other industries, often requiring a foam insert inside of a case that is specially designed to fit the shape of the aerospace equipment. At PSI Cases, we have experience working with the aerospace industry to provide them with all of their equipment needs. 

Medical Equipment Custom Cases

Glass vials, medicines, stethoscopes, thermometers, syringes, and other miscellaneous medical equipment is in dire need of protection during transit. Custom cases from PSI can help protect your medical equipment from sharp falls in transit, spillage, and keeping your supplies steadily organized. Reach out to PSI Cases for all of your electronic, aerospace, and medical equipment storage solutions today!


PSI Cases have assembled personnel with over 50 years of combined experience in design, engineering, development, manufacturing, and sales. We design and manufacture systems integration packages and container solutions for clientele who represent interest from the private sector and government agencies.No matter what you need to carry, PSI Cases will be sure to have the right case for the job.

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