Why Custom Case Foam Inserts Are Essential for Shipping Safety

PSI Cases custom case foam inserts

Custom case foam inserts are an essential component of any protective transport case.

Whenever you need to transport valuable and sensitive equipment—whether audio/visual, communications, military, or medical tools—you want these items to arrive in absolutely perfect condition. It’s critical that you find and use the best, hard-shelled, Mil-Spec shipping cases that are essential for protecting your belongings. Using custom case foam inserts and racks is a smart option for complete protection of your gear. At Packaging Strategies, Inc., we customize foam inserts and build all types of custom inserts including racks for our clients so they can enjoy cushioning support that provides full protection. 

How Do Foam Inserts Protect Your Equipment? 

Creating custom case foam inserts is essential because the foam has to accomplish several things simultaneously. The foam must be: 

  • Precisely designed and shaped to provide complete support to the equipment
  • Rigid enough to carry the objects’ weight
  • Soft enough to cushion items against impact
  • Designed to avoid reacting with the equipment, for example, through discoloration or adhesion

The primary job of custom foam inserts is to protect the case’s contents from any impact on the outside of the case. The foam additionally protects items within the case from touching each other, as every item has its customized space in which to sit as the foam hugs it and supports it on every side. The foam also protects equipment from sustained vibration, which can occur during travel, and which can loosen parts and lead to damage. 

When your equipment is fully protected from external and internal shocks and impacts, you can be sure that your items will stay fully functional and be ready for efficient unloading once you arrive at your destination. 

Finding The Right Custom Case Foam 

If your case contents are to be fully protected, selecting the best density and rigidity of the foam is essential. Finding the right custom case foam depends on the mass of the contents and how delicate they are. 

If there isn’t enough support from the foam, the objects could crash into the sides of the case and move around. Thicker foam allows for more deceleration after an impact and reduces the impact on the equipment inside. However, using thicker foam will mean you need a larger case to contain the necessary foam and every piece of equipment. 

How Are Foam Inserts Made? 

The Packaging Strategies Design and Technology Center uses 3D modeling technology and advanced fabrication equipment to produce custom case foam inserts that can protect the most delicate tools. The foam is smoothly and precisely cut to snugly fit every piece of equipment that will be stored in the case. 

If you are interested in complete protection for your high-priced and valuable equipment, Packaging Strategies, Inc. can provide you with the custom case and cushioning solutions you require. 


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