Why Use Custom Foam Inserts?

packaging strategies custom foam inserts

Custom foam inserts cushion each item in your case for precise protection.

Custom packaging includes not only the durable exterior of your case but the protective foam cushioning inside. While the rugged exterior is essential for shielding your items within the case, custom foam inserts provide that final layer of critical protection. These foam inserts are customized to hold your items securely and protect them from moving within the case and from shock impacts when the case is dropped or jostled. The Packaging Strategies Design and Technology Center takes close care to provide our clients with the custom foam inserts and protection they need for their military, medical, or electronic protective cases. 

Custom Foam Provides the Best Protection 

Custom foam inserts provide the ultimate impact protection for your products during transportation and storage. The Packaging Strategies Design and Technology Center uses polyurethane foam or polystyrene to create a barrier that absorbs shock energy between the outside of the case and your equipment. The inserts are designed with your equipment and its weight and fragility in mind. The foam is then precision cut to fit the case’s interior and firmly protect each item. When you use custom foam rather than standard foam inserts, the foam will contour to your product on all sides. “One size fits all” foam doesn’t always provide the protection you need.

Unloading Equipment is a Stress-Free Experience

When you package your equipment with cushioning or custom foam inserts, you can rest assured that your items won’t be moving around your case during transportation. When you open your protective case to retrieve your items, they will be in the exact position in which they were packed and in the same condition. This makes accessing and using your equipment much easier and makes unloading your gear a stress-free process. 

A Sense of Professionalism 

When others see your equipment placed in your protective cases, they will also be impressed with your level of professionalism. When you pull your gear out of a protective case complete with custom foam inserts rather than a messy container full of packing peanuts, you demonstrate that you are a serious professional who values the equipment you rely on to do your job effectively. Anyone will know right away that you are someone who takes their equipment, and therefore their job, seriously. 

Makes Packing More Efficient

Custom foam inserts make packing up your equipment much more efficient and straightforward. The shape of the foam inserts fits the form of your products, so you always have a visual guide for where things belong. This makes it even easier for you to pack up your equipment and get back on the road. You also don’t need to worry about wrapping items in bubble wrap or packing them with peanuts or other packing materials. Your custom foam will always be there to provide the protection you need.


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