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SKB Cases

At PSI, we are proud of the partnership we have formed with SKB Cases, which allows us to access the finest products quickly and at a cost effective price – a price we pass on to our clients.

SKB cases are resistant to corrosion and impact, water, dust, and air tight, and are built to withstand a lifetime of use. A favorite of outdoor sportsman and hobby enthusiasts, these cases offer solutions for several other industries, as well, including music and pro-audio, military, medical, industrial, and so much more.

It doesn’t matter if you need to transport sensitive medical equipment or explosives for the military, SKB shipping cases are built to perform. And the sleek design of each SKB case in their diverse line of shipping solutions – injection molded cases, rotationally molded cases and vacuum formed cases - provides the perfect presentation for these durable containers.

PSI’s SKB cases are made to meet and exceed your expectations.

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