Product Fulfillment

We Do the Packing For You

PSI’s product fulfillment service is much more than packing instruments into cases, but we do that too.

When clients present us with a list of parts that need to be included in a housing, we engineer and design the right solution. In addition, we manage those parts and keep a detailed inventory, so you don’t have to.

PSI’s onsite manufacturing facility keeps costs down, and shrinks build time, meaning we quick turnaround for our clients.

Each case that we create includes a detailed packaging schematic, so users know where the parts go after they been unpacked.

Each case we create benefits from our 3D in-house engineering capabilities, coupled with a process, which supplies an actual first article product.

This product, combined with PSI’s competitive cost structuring guarantees elimination of costly errors.

PSI’s Product Fulfillment Service includes:

  • 3D modeling and design capabilities
  • First article sampling standardization
  • Low cost structuring

Solve your product fulfillment problems with a call or email to PSI today at 888-774-7557 or email [email protected].