Choosing the Right Interior for Your Military Custom Case

Military Custom Case

Foam inserts are one way a military custom case can protect your delicate cargo.

Whenever essential equipment needs to be shipped to members of the military, it is crucial that the cargo does not arrive damaged in any way. Damage to the equipment during transport could end up proving fatal. Service members may be under fire or in a critical situation where the success of the mission depends on the successful delivery of this equipment. If the equipment is malfunctioning when it reaches its destination, it could quite literally be a matter of life and death. When you need to ship equipment and keep it protected from damage, the best course of action is to ship it with a military custom case. The interior of this case can be designed to accommodate any need your equipment requires. What are the kinds of things you should consider when choosing the right interior for your military custom case?

Climate Control

From the icy tundra to the scorching desert, military equipment needs to be able to survive all different kinds of environments. A military custom case should be designed with these factors in mind in order to protect the cargo from these harsh swings in temperature. Cases can be made with refrigeration or thermoelectric cooling systems for high-temperature environments as well as added insulation for much colder ones. Without these controls, your delicate equipment may end up frying or freezing and rendered useless on the front upon arrival.

Foam Inserts

Shock protection is another key concern in the design of a military custom case. The cargo needs to be able to survive bumps, drops, and crashes. There’s no telling what sort of conditions that the case and cargo will be entering, so always prepare for the worst-case scenario. Foam inserts made of polyurethane foam or polystyrene create a barrier that absorbs shock energy between the case and the equipment, preventing damage during and after transit.

Rack Mounts

If you are transporting a computer in your military custom case, it’s worth looking into having rack mounts installed. These enable you to store computers and other electronics safely, protecting their internal hard drives from damage.


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