Why Should You Package Test Your Product?

package test

Putting your products through a package test will ensure they get to their destinations in a safe manner.

When it comes time to prepare for shipping your product, a package test can seem like just another thing to add to list—especially since you are already overwhelmed with regulations and rules for getting your product to its destination. There are government organizations and private consumer organizations like the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) that all work to establish standards for package testing. Why is package testing more than just another expense?

Package Testing 101

The biggest reason to package test your product is the old adage, better safe than sorry. The UN developed a universal system for dangerous goods shipped throughout the globe with recommendations for classification, packaging, and labeling. While the system is specifically designed for hazardous substances, it has a lot to offer all companies worried about properly shipping their products. Almost all national and international shipping rules are based on the UN’s system.


Hazardous packages can contain everything from gasses to nuclear fuel rods. They are classified based on class and packaging group. Packages containing hazardous materials have package testing that includes endurance testing, shock resistance, and vibration tolerance. If the product you are shipping is a sealed container, additional testing exposing the container to a variety of pressure conditions might be suggested to make sure it will safely arrive at the destination.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Package testing is absolutely crucial when it comes to shipping and transporting hazardous materials. Even seemingly harmless things like hairspray in an aerosol can could make a dangerous explosion on an airplane due to pressure changes or improper packaging. Containers with chemicals could leak and cause a major contamination or safety issue. Having to recall and replace items is much more costly than taking the initial step and having all of your products undergo product testing before they ever go to market.

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