Custom Cases

Sometime stock cases just will not do. After all, we do not live in a “one size fits all” world. Specialized equipment and delicate instruments come in all shapes and size and need protective shipping cases built specifically for them. This is where PSI can help.

At PSI, we offer rotationally molded containers, injection molded transit cases, and metal container solutions.

With a manufacturing site on location in Baltimore, Maryland, PSI has the ability to build a custom case or cases to fit your specific requirements. And it does not matter if you need one case or one thousand cases, PSI is willing to work with clientele of all sizes, from small businesses to large government agencies.

When we first meet with our clients, we evaluate their needs then design and engineer a prototype. Then comes article testing, followed by the approval process, and then, once you are completely satisfied with your custom shipping container, manufacturing finally begins.

Having the right container for your equipment is just as important as the equipment itself. So don’t settle for stock shipping solutions.

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