Government Aluminum Cases


If you want something sturdy and reliable to protect your equipment, look no further than aluminum cases.  They are affordable, durable, and can withstand any threat.  Packaging Strategies Incorporated wants to work with you to manufacture your customized government aluminum cases.  PSI puts our cases through rigorous environmental tests to ensure they meet every standard.  We have worked with every branch of the military, so we are skilled in keeping all of our cases mil-spec.  We vow to support our customers in all of their endeavors, and we can do this by providing you with quality aluminum cases to help you with transporting your equipment.


Aluminum is More Durable Than the Rest

There is a time and place for plastic and other metals.  However, if you need true durability, aluminium is your friend.  It can withstand incredible temperatures, ranging from -238F to 302F.  This feature will protect your equipment in any environment imaginable, and you’ll be able to rest assured knowing that your equipment is being kept safe at all times.  While all of our cases are built to be shock-resistant, aluminum has its own shock absorbent properties.  When it gets knocked around during transport, you won’t have to be concerned.  Aluminum conveniently generates its own oxide as a property of the metal.  This means you’ll never have to worry about rust, so your aluminum cases will be long-lasting.


A Versatile Material for Government Cases

Aluminum never sacrifices aesthetics for durability.  Instead, our aluminum cases are fully customizable.  They can be whichever color you’d prefer, and they can have any logo attached to their surfaces.  Aluminum cases can also be outfitted with accessories, such as wheels, padlocks, or specially placed handles.  They are just as adjustable as the rest of the cases manufactured by PSI.  Not to mention, our 3D modeling technology allows us to craft an interior molding that fits your specific needs.  


Eco-Friendly and Transportable

Aluminum is one of the lightest materials to work with.  Its weight will never be an issue, and you can take it just about anywhere.  And, if you’re concerned about hurting the environment, aluminum is still a great choice.  It doesn’t require petroleum to manufacture, so it cuts down on the use of oil.  All in all, aluminum is one of the smartest design decisions you can make for your cases.


Create truly functional government aluminum cases when you partner with PSI!

We make sure all of our cases are made with the best materials, like aluminum, for an incredible price.  Aluminum is already quite affordable, so you’ll have no issues meeting a budget.  We also work as quickly as possible to deliver quality products to you.  Having worked with every branch of the military, we know what it takes to create cases that can get the job done.  When you need sturdy government aluminum cases, you can count on PSI!  For more information, call 888-774-7557 or email us at [email protected].