Government Cases


Transporting equipment for governmental bodies should be as smooth as possible.  Packaging Strategies Incorporated takes care to ensure all of our cases are impervious to any kind of damage, while protecting the sensitive equipment kept inside.  If you’re a government employee or representative seeking a sturdy, reliable case that will protect your equipment, you’ve come to the right place.  We partner with some of the best names in the industry, like Pelican and Hardigg, to get the job done.  PSI uses quality materials, and vows to get you government cases for an affordable price.  


Waterproof, Dustproof, Shockproof Government Cases

PSI has over 50 years of experience crafting cases for our government and military.  We’ve created cases that serve every branch of the military, and we’re an ISO 9001 certified company.  When we manufacture government cases, we use every bit of our knowledge to make sure our cases fight every element.


  • Waterproof: Our cases are created with airtight seals.  Barometric release valves are installed so the inside of a case can adjust to changes in pressure.  This means all of our cases are completely submersible, and will ward off any moisture or humidity that could damage sensitive equipment.
  • Dustproof: Whether it’s dirt, sand, or dust, our cases will protect against it.  During transport, cases could encounter any of these threats.  With poorly made cases, dust particles could get inside and scratch lenses or damage delicate circuitry.  That’s why cases made by PSI are airtight and completely dustproof.

  • Shockproof: Our cases protect equipment from any outside impact.  Transport allows for plenty of opportunity for cases to be knocked around, which is why it’s vital to make sure your cases can handle the rough treatment.  With their resin-coated exteriors, our cases are made to take a beating.



Government Cases Designed With You in Mind

Specific equipment requires cases that are customized and built for it.  Our roto-molded interiors are made with soft-yet-durable foam inserts that can be adjusted to fit any equipment.  With our 3D modeling technology, we’re able to get the small, specific details of your equipment.  The foam forms snuggly around the components, keeping it locked in place during transport.  No matter the rough treatment, our cases will be able to withstand the damage!


Work with PSI in order to get your customized and reliable government cases!

Need cases for your government work?  Look no further!  PSI has over 50 years of combined experience among our staff.  We know exactly what it takes to create cases that meet all of the highest expectations.  If you’re looking for government cases that are mil-spec, we’ve got those, too!  Our environmental testing is thorough and detailed, and will ensure that every case you order is made to perfection.  With the best materials, PSI creates cases on your time.  We work as quickly as possible, manufacturing cases on a timeline that fits your schedule.  For more information, call 888-774-7557 or email us at [email protected].