Medical Hardigg Cases


Sensitive medical equipment needs to reach its final destination in perfect working order. And even the slightest disruption can damage delicate instrumentation. So, when it comes to transporting medical equipment from point A to point B, especially across rough terrain and harsh conditions, the right case can make all the difference – and Packaging Strategies Incorporated (PSI) can help! We have formed relationships with the best cases companies around, including Pelican-Hardigg. It is through this relationship that we at PSI are able to offer our customers custom Medical Hardigg Cases. 

Benefits of Medical Hardigg Cases

Pelican-Hardigg Cases are widely considered the most rugged transport systems available for commercial, industrial, and military equipment. So, when it comes to delicate equipment, why trust anything besides a Medical Hardigg Case?

  • Durable: Hardigg engineers and manufactures rugged, rotationally molded plastic case. The rotomolding process offers incredible strength and impact-resistant protection. The tough exterior shell and reinforced corners provide superior durability – able to withstand all kinds of abuse, repeated drops, vibrations, and blows – damage free. Shock mounts provide excellent shock and vibration cushion for delicate medical equipment. And patented, positive anti-shear locks prevent case lids from separating from the mid-section even after impact.


  • Weather Resistant: Medical Hardigg Cases are both airtight and waterproof with molded-in, tongue-in-groove gasketed parting lines that seal tight and remain so after impacts. These cases are engineered to withstand the most extreme of environments. 
  • Shipping: Cases are designed with molded-in male/female stacking ribs for secure stacking, allowing for easy shipping and storage. Packaging Strategies Incorporated also utilizes an in-house 3D modeling program to build custom cushioning systems that provide superior fit and protection, ensuring your medical equipment does not move during transit. 


There’s nothing you can’t transport when you work with a Hardigg case. Rigorous testing methods ensure each and every medical Hardigg case is ready for action.

Get Your Medical Hardigg Case from Packaging Strategies Incorporated

Packaging Strategies Incorporated’s relationship with Pelican-Hardigg allows us to access to the finest Medical Hardigg Cases at a cost-effective price – a price we pass on to you! Custom Hardigg cases are heavy-duty, lightweight, shock resistant, airtight, waterproof, and extremely durable. Hardigg cases are built to withstand some of the harshest environments on earth. Best of all, Hardigg offers 500-plus molds and custom solutions, so no matter your need, PSI has a Hardigg case to fit your needs.

Order your medical Hardigg case from Packaging Strategies Incorporated to ensure your equipment receives the protection it deserves. Whether you are transporting a small medical instrument or a large piece of equipment, a Hardigg case provides exceptional protection, ensuring your item arrives at its final destination unharmed. We guarantee on-time delivery at the lowest cost value. At Packaging Strategies Incorporated, we build to win, because we’re built to win.