Mil-Spec Gear Cases


PSI covers many casing needs for electronic, video, and medical equipment that is vital to military operations.  However, one of the most important pieces of equipment in military life is in need of protection, too: gear.  Your gear is what protects military personnel on the field, and it needs to be kept safe at all costs.  That’s why PSI offers custom mil-spec gear cases at an affordable cost.  We use the best materials available on the market, making our cases sturdy and reliable for a reasonable cost.  When you want to protect your gear, invest in mil-spec cases from PSI.


Impervious to Any and All Damage

With a resin-coated exterior and roto-molded interior, a case from PSI can easily withstand any element.  Our cases can be dropped from vast heights, due to their shock-resistant properties.  Our cases are also completely watertight, and can be submerged underwater.  Barometric pressure release valves will work to keep the case afloat on the surface without allowing any moisture inside.  With a completely airtight seal, our cases are impenetrable to dust and sand that could erode any gear.  Our mil-spec gear cases are ideal for shipping, transport, and field work.


Completely Mil-Spec Compliant

As an ISO 9001 certified company that has worked with every branch of the United States Military, we know exactly what it takes to manufacture mil-spec compliant cases. When it comes to protecting your expensive, quality gear, you’re going to need cases that go above and beyond military standards.  Here are just some of the mil-spec requirements we meet:

  • MIL-C-4150J Transit and Storage, Waterproof and Water-Vaporproof
  • MIL-STD-130 Identification Marking of US Military Property
  • MIL-STD-1472 Human Engineering Design Criteria for Military Systems, Equipment and Facilities
  • MIL-STD-2073 DOD Standard Practice for Military Packaging

When you need a reliable case manufacturer, and you need mil-spec gear cases, PSI can help.


The Best Materials Available

We use the highest quality materials on the market.  Our aluminum cases can withstand scorching heat and below freezing temperatures.  They’re also strong enough to handle just about any impact damage.  We also use firm, durable foam inserts to keep all of your equipment in place during transit.  For more information about the materials we use in our cases, give us a call and we can answer any questions you may have!


Work with Packaging Strategies Incorporated to invest in high-quality mil-spec gear cases!

We put each of our cases through rigorous environmental testing to ensure they are mil-spec.  PSI also uses the latest technology to craft cases specifically to your needs. With 3D modeling, we’re able to customize your case to fit your gear.  PSI has partnered with some of the biggest names in the case industry, like Pelican and SKB, to bring you the product you deserve.  We’re here to create your custom, mil-spec gear cases at an affordable rate.  And, we work quickly to get you what you need faster than ever.  For more information, call us at 888-774-7557 or email us at [email protected].