Mil-Spec Hardigg Cases


If you need cases that can protect your equipment in the harshest of environments, you’ll want to invest in a Hardigg case made by Pelican and PSI.  Whether you’re transporting medical equipment, or protecting your ROVs and UAVS, you’ll need to know that your cases can be subjected to any hazard.  PSI has partnered with Pelican for their Hardigg cases because we know they can manufacture cases that are up for that challenge.  To transport your equipment safely, make sure you’re using Hardigg cases produced by PSI and Pelican.


Reinforced to Handle Intense Conditions

Hardigg cases are roto-molded and resin-coated.  This ensures your equipment is kept in its place while it travels.  Roto-molding developed by PSI can conform exactly to your needs!  With our 3D modeling technology, we can ensure everything stays put.  The resin coating allows for full protection from impact damage.  During travel, your cases could be knocked around, and your equipment is at risk if it’s not properly protected.  With a hardened outer shell, Hardigg cases can handle any fall or hit.  Expensive equipment and hardware will be cushioned and surrounded by an impervious exterior, created by Pelican.


Submersible and Watertight 

Water damage can be a huge concern during transport.  Unexpected weather might allow for rainwater to seep in through the cracks of lesser-made cases.  This could permanently damage your equipment, leading to failed missions on the field.  To protect yourself from this scenario, you’ll need a case that is completely watertight and airtight.  Hardigg cases are equipped with pressure release valves that allow for pressure changes.  This means your cases can be completely submerged in water and still be safe.  The valves adjust for water pressure, so your cases will float on the water’s surface.  When you work with PSI and Pelican, you can rest assured knowing your equipment will never be lost.


Fighting Against the Elements

We put every case through rigorous environmental testing.  Before we ship our products, we make sure they’re impervious to any sort of damage.  Whether that’s water damage, dust and dirt damage, or impact damage, we make sure our cases are prepared.  We use the best materials available so we can provide you with the cases you need.  PSI is strict about following mil-spec requirements, and we vow that every case we manufacture is up to code.  Having worked with every branch of the United States Military, we’re more than familiar with what it takes to meet those expectations. 


Work with Packaging Strategies Incorporated to obtain strong, sturdy, reliable Hardigg cases!

We work fast and ship fast.  We know that you have a schedule to keep, and we respect that to the best of our ability.  Our high-tech equipment and skilled staff work in tandem to get you your products faster than ever.  As an ISO 9001 certified company, we have the experience necessary to get you your mil-spec Hardigg cases as efficiently and as quickly as possible.  If you have any questions, please call 888-774-7557 or email us at [email protected]