Mil-Spec Mobile Power Cases


When you need power on the go, protecting that power is the most important thing.  Your entire operation requires equipment that needs mobile power.  From cameras to laptops to medical equipment, mobile power keeps it running when you don’t have access to a stable facility.  That’s why you need sturdy, reliable cases to house your mobile power systems.  PSI focuses on our case quality in a way that no other manufacturer can replicate.  Our rigorous environmental testing allows us to see miniscule weaknesses in the structure of our cases.  Not to mention, our 3D modeling technology allows us to mold the interior of our cases to meet your specific needs.  Regardless of the size or shape of your mobile power equipment, we can create cases that match.


Meeting All Military Standards With Mil-Spec

We’ve worked with every branch of the military, and we’re an ISO 9001 certified company.  With our years of experience in the industry, we’ve come to be extremely familiar with mil-spec and what it takes to create cases that meet all standards.  Mobile power is delicate, and needs this ensured protection in order to arrive at its destination safely.  Not to mention, it needs to be kept safe while on the field.  PSI follows all mil-spec requirements, including but not limited to:

  • MIL-T-28800 Test Equipment for use with Electrical and Electronic Equipment
  • MIL-STD-2073 DOD Standard Practice for Military Packaging
  • MIL-C-4150J Transit and Storage, Waterproof and Water-Vaporproof
  • MIL-STD-130 Identification Marking of US Military Property
  • MIL-T-4734 Transit Cases for Ground Electronics Equipment (USAF)

If you have questions regarding a particular specification, or you want to learn more about what it means for a case to be mil-spec, feel free to contact us!


Airtight and Waterproof Military Cases

Our cases are made with airtight seals.  As such, they are completely submersible and waterproof.  We create cases with barometric release valves that adjust for changes in pressure without allowing water to seep in through the cracks.  With hard, resin-coated exteriors, our cases are able to withstand any kind of damage.  If your cases get knocked around during transport, that’s no problem for cases manufactured by PSI!  These cases for your mobile power equipment are shock-resistant, and hold up against the threat of impact damage.  Your equipment will be safe and sound, nestled within roto-molded foam interiors that are designed specifically for your needs.


Work with Packaging Strategies Incorporated to receive mil-spec mobile power cases designed for your equipment!

With our extensive military experience, certifications, and skilled team members, we’re able to create mil-spec mobile power cases that are designed for your needs.  Hardened exteriors with soft, sturdy interiors will easily hold your equipment in place throughout transport and while on the field.  We do everything in our power to manufacture cases in a timely manner, and PSI aims to make our cases as affordable as possible.  We want to work on your time while fitting your budget.  No other case manufacturer cares about their customers like we do!  For more information, call 888-774-7557 or email us at [email protected].