Mil-Spec Satellite Cases


Technology has advanced in recent years at a dramatic pace.  As a result, the use of satellites to collect information has been incredibly useful.  In 2018, there were 320 military satellites in use, and they have provided a plethora of vital information that cannot be understated.  It’s just as important to keep this information protected by keeping those satellites safe.  Protective casing is necessary when transporting delicate satellites and their accessories, and Packaging Strategies Incorporated can help get the job done.  We’re dedicated to providing quality, mil-spec cases that can easily protect your satellites.  There’s no one better to work with, and we cover all the bases so you don’t have to worry.


Meeting Standards With Mil-Spec

The military and Department of Defense have very strict standards which cases must follow.  Cases have to meet qualifications in order to be used, and PSI does everything in our power to make sure our products are up to par.  We follow all the necessary requirements, including but not limited to:

  • MIL-C-4150J Transit and Storage, Waterproof and Water-Vaporproof
  • MIL-T-28800 Test Equipment for use with Electrical and Electronic Equipment
  • MIL-STD-2073 DOD Standard Practice for Military Packaging
  • MIL-STD-130 Identification Marking of US Military Property

When it comes to protecting your satellites and their accessories, following this protocol can mean the difference between destroyed equipment and a successful mission.  Don’t risk your property when you could have it protected by the superior casing created by PSI.


Mil-Spec Satellite Cases Protected Against All Elements

Whether it’s water-proof seals, airtight seals, or casing that is completely shock resistant, PSI can provide it all.  We have extensive experience in the field of mil-spec casing, and our cases undergo rigorous environmental testing to ensure everything works the way it should.  Your satellites are composed of delicate equipment that is particularly sensitive to water damage.  Water can fry circuitry and lead to malfunctioning satellites, which could end up costing a mission.  Our cases can be entirely submerged, and have release valves that account for changes in pressure without allowing water to seep inside.  Likewise, their airtight seals easily protect against any dirt or sand that could sneak inside lesser-made cases.  There’s also the potential of your cases being knocked around during transport, and this could destroy more delicate equipment.  That’s why it’s important to purchase mil-spec cases that are able to fully protect your satellites.


Packaging Strategies Incorporated is able to provide you with mil-spec satellite cases for a competitive price!

We use the best materials available to create affordable cases for your satellites and their accessories.  We also work as fast as possible, and our experts are able to get you quality products in a short time period to meet your deadlines and match your schedule.  Having worked with every branch of the military, we understand what it means to create cases that meet mil-spec standards.  We’re an ISO 9001 certified company that focuses on quality and customer reassurance.  Our 3D modeling equipment allows us to customize your cases, roto-molding them to fit your specific needs.  For more information, call 888-774-7557 or email us at [email protected].