Military Electronics Integration Cases


When you’re on the move, the last thing you want to worry about is your equipment being damaged.  This is especially true for electronics and their integration systems.  Losing this can mean losing contact, which can be devastating on the field.  It can also cause hiccups and complications during everyday use, even off the field.  Protecting your electronic integrations is vital, because you need to stay functional and ready during conflict.  That’s why PSI provides our clients with the absolute best cases for their electronics integration equipment.  We know how important it is to stay up and running, so we work with the best of the best to ensure your product is top-notch.



Our cases are all waterproof, so you won’t have to concern yourself with the elements when transporting.  You can rest assured that any rainwater or seawater is rolling off the cases housing your electronic integration equipment.  With hard outer casings, any impact damage is also negated.  We make sure that every piece of equipment is kept safe and secure.  Electronics especially need to be protected from water, so you need to invest in cases that are capable of that.



Electronics can also be damaged due to shock and impact.  It’s not uncommon for cases and equipment to be knocked around during transport, causing destruction that can’t be undone.  There’s nothing worse than arriving to your destination, only to find that all of your electronics integration equipment has been destroyed.  To keep up with the action, you need to invest in cases from PSI that are shock-resistant.



Water is not the only element that can cause concern for those in the military transporting electronics.  Dust, sand, and dirt can cause serious damage if it makes its way into the delicate machinery.  Scratches across screens, clogged ports, and ruined cables can all be a result of dust damage.  That’s why PSI offers you cases that are completely dust-proof, so you can go about your travels confidently.  Don’t allow the elements to be a detriment to your operation!


Certified Cases

PSI knows what it takes to create the ideal case for your electronics integration equipment.  We work closely with the Department of Defense to ensure that we’re providing you with cases that get the job done.  We are familiar with every branch of the United States military, so there’s nothing we can’t tackle.  Allow Packaging Strategies Incorporated to bring you the highest quality cases available!


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Take one step closer to your ideal military electronics integration cases with PSI.  We are a 9001 ISO Certified company, which means we’re more than familiar with what it takes to produce a quality case.  We focus on customer satisfaction and functionality.  Our years of experience allow us to determine what’s best for our customers, even when the task seems too great.  Call PSI today at 888-774-7557 or email us at [email protected] to learn more about what we can do to deliver you quality military electronics integration cases.