Military SKB Cases 


Expensive military equipment has to withstand the harshest environments and arrive in perfect working order and ready for action. So, the right protective case is incredibly important. It can mean the difference between a successful mission and failure. That’s why government agencies and military units across the country trust Military SKB Cases when they need to transport equipment from point A to point B and everywhere in between. 

SKB is a globally recognized name and an industry leader in the design and manufacture of vacuum, rotational, and injection molded cases. SKB offers industrial, military grade style cases. These cases are built to provide superior protection and ensure sensitive equipment arrives ready for action. It’s no wonder why SKB Cases are a popular choice for storing and transporting important military supplies. 

Benefits of Military SKB Cases

Established in 1977, SKB Cases started with guitars. Today, SKB is recognized globally as an industry leader in the design and manufacture of molded polymer transport cases for every industry, from music to the military. Each SKB case is created to be rugged, heavy duty, and to withstand a lifetime of use.

  • SKB offers vacuum, rotational, and injection molded cases
  • The sleek design of each SKB case provides the perfect presentation for these durable containers
  • In 2006 SKB developed a new proprietary blend of high impact co-polymer polypropylene resin that is 3 times stronger than competitor’s plastic for injection molded cases. 
  • SKB cases are water, dust, and air tight, as well as corrosion and impact resistant. These cases are designed to be tough and protect your sensitive equipment in even the harshest environments. 
  • SKB cases are built to withstand a lifetime of use and are backed by an unconditional lifetime guarantee
  • Packaging Strategies Incorporated offers in-house 3D modeling to build a fully-customized cushioning system to adapt the interior of your case to the exact shape of your equipment – ensuring a snug fit and superior protection.

The SKB brand has symbolized uncompromising quality and unsurpassed durability for over four decades.

Get Your Military SKB Case from Packaging Strategies Incorporated

As a manufacturer of military shipping cases, carrying cases, transit cases and reusable shipping containers, we at Packaging Strategies Inc. are proud of the partnership we have formed with SKB Cases, which allows us to access the finest products quickly and at a cost effective price – a price we pass on to our clients.

The military industry continues to turn to Packaging Strategies Incorporated because we understand the strict specifications for each and every military case. Our engineers will work with you to ensure your custom case solution is in full compliance with Mil-Spec. Our expertise, qualified personnel, and on-site production facilities allow us to meet Mil-Spec requirements and ensure sensitive military equipment arrives at its final destination in perfect working order.

Packaging Strategies Incorporated has worked with multiple branches of the military, government agencies, and private industry. We are also a 9001 ISO Certified and Registered company familiar with the requirements of government contracting.