Military UAV Cases


An unmanned aerial vehicle is now an essential part of military life.  This piece of equipment can mean the difference between a successful mission and failure.  Without a bird’s eye view of the field, it’s not always easy to fully understand your surroundings.  A lack of this understanding can lead to misinformed decisions, which could cost lives.  That’s why it’s so important that you protect your UAVs with the proper casing.  When it comes to military-grade UAVs, there’s nothing more vital than keeping them safe.  Packaging Strategies Incorporated is dedicated to creating cases that fully protect and defend from the elements.  If you’ve got a military UAV you’d like to protect, PSI is here to help.


Dustproof, Waterproof, Shockproof

Environmental damages can be one of the biggest threats to military electronics.  UAVs in particular have many elements that can be destroyed during transport.  The video equipment attached to them needs to be kept safe at all costs; without working camera lenses, the UAV becomes useless.  Likewise, motors and spinning blades must be kept in pristine condition in order to function.  When your UAV is susceptible to environmental damages, such as water or dust, you’re risking entire missions.  You need cases with rotomolded exteriors and pressure-release valves.  You need specially molded interiors that fit your needs exactly.  You need cases from PSI.  If you want to feel confident that your UAV is being protected from the elements, invest in our cases.


Cases that Meet All Standards

At PSI, we focus on keeping our cases up to military specifications.  When we do this, we know we’re keeping your UAVs safe at all costs.  Mil-spec cases are necessary if you want to transport your UAVs safely and with ease.  That’s why we put our cases through plenty of evaluations and tests to ensure they’re up to par.  We enact three very important steps in our case-making process that help us keep this promise:



  • 3D Modeling Technology allows for us to design your case specifically to your equipment needs.  That way, your UAV will fit snugly between rotomolded padding.  You won’t have to worry about impact damage; your cases will protect your UAV through any mishaps.
  • Low Cost Structuring means that you’ll be paying less for our quality product.  Structuring doesn’t have to blow the budget.  PSI can get you your cases for a better price with a faster turnaround.
  • Environmental Testing means PSI is putting your cases through rigorous testing to ensure it’s up to standards.  We want to feel confident that your cases are waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof under any circumstances.



Work with PSI to receive military UAV cases that are protective and functional!

If you’re in need of cases that can protect against any element, PSI can help.  We’ve been creating cases for years, working with every branch of the military to gain our experience.  Every case we provide is up to military specifications.  Call us at 888-774-7557 or email us at [email protected] for more information.