Video Equipment Aluminum Cases

When it comes to keeping your equipment safe, you’ve got to make sure you’re using cases that are made with the highest quality.  Aluminum is one of the best materials to work with when you’re investing in military cases.  Though it can get a little pricey, it is able to protect your equipment through even the toughest of environments.  If you’re trying to transport video equipment in particular, you’ll want to know that all of the sensitive components are protected from the elements.  Using aluminum is the best way to ensure everything will reach its destination intact.  Work with Packaging Strategies Incorporated to get your video equipment aluminum cases today!



Aluminum cases are waterproof, which is perfect for video equipment that is sensitive to water damage.  You’ll need to make sure your equipment is kept dry if you want it to get to its destination undamaged.  Plus, your aluminum cases will be incredibly eco-friendly.  Since no petroleum products are used in its creation, aluminum is a much greener material to use for your cases.  You can rest assured that your products will be less harmful to the environment, while using less water in the process.



Not only is aluminum shock-resistant, but it also protects well against damages caused by its environment.  For example, it withstands against dramatic temperatures; aluminum can hold its own against -238F up to 302F, which covers most of the spectrum of temperatures.  That way, you can be confident in knowing your aluminum cases can traverse even the most treacherous circumstances.  With its damage-resistant nature, you’ll also know that it can be knocked around quite significantly without any damage being caused.  This is particularly important when it comes to video equipment, which is very sensitive.


Saving Costs

Are you on a budget?  Aluminum is a great choice for the material of your cases.  Aluminum is created from bauxite ore, which is in abundance compared to other resources.  Plus, welding aluminum doesn’t require any expensive molding, which makes customization cheaper.  Packaging Strategies Incorporated is able to fully customize your case orders to make sure that they directly fit your needs.  With PSI, you never have to worry that your cases are made poorly.  We promise to create quality, sturdy cases that fulfill their purpose.


Work with Packaging Strategies Incorporated to create your custom aluminum cases for your video equipment!

Do you need a custom design for a video equipment aluminum case?  Look no further!  PSI is here to help.  We put our cases through rigorous experiments to ensure they’re up to par.  With our 3D modeling technology, we can mold the cases specifically for your video equipment needs.  PSI aims to create reliable, sturdy cases that can be used through even the toughest of conditions.  We have worked with all branches of the United States Military in order to discover the best ways to create our cases.  For more information, email us at [email protected] or call us at 888-774-7557.