Video Equipment Carrying Cases

Video equipment is sensitive and needs to be protected at all costs.  When it is being used on the field, video equipment is vital–it can provide invaluable insight, and is being increasingly utilized as a modern advantage.  If your equipment arrives to its destination damaged, that could mean the difference between a successful and unsuccessful mission.  Luckily, Packaging Strategies Incorporated can offer you a solution.  With our video equipment carrying cases, you can rest assured that all of your video equipment will arrive at its destination undamaged and protected.  Feeling secure in the safety of your equipment is invaluable, and there’s no better way to feel confident than working with PSI.


Protected From the Elements

When carrying your video equipment through the field, you’ll encounter plenty of environmental threats.  Be it water, dust, or heat, video equipment is particularly sensitive.  Delicate lenses can be scratched, wiring can be destroyed, and ports can be clogged or waterlogged.  Even the slightest leak in your carrying case can cause untold damage.  That’s why PSI creates cases that are made specifically to ward off harmful elements.  Our environmental tests put our cases through serious situations that are sure to arise during transport.  Through our results, we can determine whether or not a case is perfect, and thus, ready to be sold to you.



It can be difficult to guarantee that your case won’t get knocked around.  After all, it is being put through some of the most destructive environments, and transport isn’t always the smoothest ride.  Your cases need to be able to handle impact damage while keeping your sensitive video equipment safe from harm.  Without this, they are susceptible to serious harm.  Impact damage can rattle video equipment into disrepair–a nonfunctioning piece of equipment can lead to a failed mission under drastic circumstances.  Don’t let your video equipment be vulnerable!


Perfectly Crafted

At PSI, we understand that your video equipment may be specific.  Throwing your equipment into a nonspecific case is impractical.  It can easily get tossed around, not only damaging it, but also causing serious disorganization.  PSI creates particularly molded cases with our 3D modeling technology in order to serve your needs to a T.  We’re dedicated to working with our customers to provide them with a case that truly matches their requirements.


Work with Packaging Strategies Incorporated to create video equipment carrying cases that are damage-proof and specific to your needs!

We have worked with every branch of the United States military, because we know what it takes to create mil-spec cases.  Our carrying cases can be utilized for all kinds of equipment, especially video equipment, that must be kept safe during travels.  If you’re looking for a cost-effective, well-designed, reliable case that can transport your video equipment, PSI is here to help.  If you’re interested in learning more, you can call us at 888-774-7557 or email us at [email protected].  We look forward to working with you!