Video Equipment Hardigg Cases

Pelican-Hardigg cases are some of the most sturdy cases in the industry.  When it comes to protecting your video equipment, you’re going to want to keep it safe with the highest quality case available.  That’s why it’s so important to work with a brand you know you can trust.  Pelican-Hardigg has made a name for itself in the military industry, across all sorts of applications.  One of those applications is video equipment, and their cases are particularly suited for protecting it.  If you need reliable, sturdy cases that can withstand the worst hardships that can happen on the field, you’re going to want to invest in a case made by the partnership created between PSI and Pelican-Hardigg.


What is a Pelican-Hardigg Case?

Pelican-Hardigg is a series of cases that is created to be put through as many conditions as possible.  They are shipping cases created for anything from commercial to military use.  Each case is made to be waterproof, dust-resistant, and shock-resistant in order to keep your video equipment as safe as possible.  Packaging Strategies Incorporated works hard to get you these quality cases at an affordable price.  Our partnership with Pelican and their Hardigg line of cases gives us access to customization of your product, suiting your needs perfectly.  All Hardigg cases are customizable to match your video equipment.


Protect Your Most Valuable Electronics

Video equipment is becoming increasingly vital to military functionality.  Whether it be photography, drone usage, GoPro cameras, or SD cards, you’re going to need to protect it.  Video equipment is often indispensable, and sensitive to even the slightest damage.  A cracked screen or a water-damaged circuit board can spell disaster on the field.  That’s why we make our cases to be:


  • Waterproof: Your equipment should be safe from any sort of water damage that could harm delicate electronics related to your video usage.  Cameras and drones alike are sensitive to water damage, which is why Pelican-Hardigg manufactures waterproof cases.
  • Shock-Resistant: Cases may be dropped or pushed around during transport, which means they have to be able to resist the impact damage that occurs.  Our environmental testing allows us to tell whether or not a case is able to hold its own against violent handling.
  • Dust-Proof: On the field, dust, sand, and dirt are risks to your video equipment.  They can clog ports, scratch lenses, and damage delicate electronics.  Pelican-Hardigg cases are sealed tight and have intricate fastening that keeps it shut through the harshest conditions.


Packaging Strategies Incorporated is here to provide you with affordable, incredibly functional Pelican-Hardigg video equipment cases!

We create our cases using 3D modeling technology, so we can form the design to fit your video equipment.  Molding made with the strongest material will hug your equipment, nestled in a reinforced, hard casing ready to defend against any threat.  To learn more about Pelican-Hardigg cases, you can call us at 888-774-7557 or email us at [email protected].