Video Equipment Laptop Cases

When utilizing video equipment, the usage of laptops on the field is sure to follow.  Military life has evolved to include laptops in everyday field operations.  Not to mention, video equipment is now some of the most useful technology in the military.  Drones, GoPro cameras, and other electronics are vital on the field.  That’s why it’s so important to protect this delicate equipment during the harshest of conditions.  Packaging Strategies Incorporated works with the top brand names in the industry to bring you quality, affordable cases that will protect your video equipment laptops.  You can rest assured that you’re working with the best when you choose PSI.


What to Look for in a Video Equipment Laptop Case

When you are searching for a functional, sturdy case for your laptop and its corresponding video equipment, you’re going to want to look for these specific traits:


  • Waterproof: In order to keep sensitive electronics functioning properly, they need to be kept safe from any sort of water damage.  Circuitry can easily be rendered useless by the slightest moisture.  PSI manufactures cases that ward off any water interference. 
  • Dust-Proof: Sand, dust, and dirt can make its way into the sensitive ports and circuitry of your video equipment.  It’s necessary to make sure your cases are sealed completely airtight.
  • Shock-Resistant: During transport, equipment can be damaged due to impact.  Not only will you need a case that easily stacks to keep it secure, you’ll need one that protects the fragile equipment stored inside.




Protect Your Video Equipment

Don’t settle for less.  Our cases are completely compliant with military specifications.  The industry is filled with cheap cases that may seem like a great deal, until they don’t do anything to protect your video equipment.  On the field, a damaged laptop could mean the difference between a successful mission and a failure.  Video equipment is necessary for assessing your surroundings, and without it, you’ll be left in the dark.  Risking this equipment by working with unprofessional manufacturers can risk entire operations.


Packaging Strategies Incorporated can help you find the perfect case suited for your laptop and its associated video equipment!

Do you need a case molded to fit a specific laptop?  PSI can help.  We use 3D modeling technology to ensure our molding matches your needs.  We also use some of the best materials available to add an extra layer of protection.  Hardened exterior cases withstand our environmental testing easily, and our rigorous trials are enough to ensure those cases will be safe on the field.  Our CNC production fabrication machinery guarantees successful designs.

PSI vows to get you products quickly at an affordable price, while meeting every military specification necessary.  We have worked in the industry for years, and have closely followed the Department of Defense and their case qualifications.  To learn more about how you can get reliable video equipment laptop cases, you can call us at 888-774-7557 or email us at [email protected].