Video Equipment Mobile Power Cases

To keep your team moving while on the go, you need mobile power cases for your video equipment.  These days, video equipment is more important than ever before.  It is invaluable on the field, and keeping it powered at all times is necessary for use.  You need mobile power cases that are sturdy.  They must withstand the elements, keep water at bay, and hold up against violent treatment.  Without this, you run the risk of your video equipment power sources becoming damaged.  A stable case can mean the difference between a successful mission and failed equipment.  That’s why working with PSI is your best option.  With us, you can rest assured knowing that your cases are the most quality in the industry, and that they are made specifically for your situation.


A Watertight Seal

Water is any electronic’s greatest enemy.  It can fry delicate components, and will damage small parts within power sources.  A case carrying mobile power needs to be completely waterproof in order to protect its contents properly.  Packaging Strategies Incorporated puts our cases through rigorous environmental testing, including water tests.  This allows us to make sure that our cases are up to par.  Protecting your equipment is our top priority, and we want to make sure we’re doing that at the best price possible.  Our goal is for you to leave satisfied.


Shock Resistant

During transport, it’s likely that your cases will get tossed around and knocked about.  With such expensive and valuable equipment inside of them, you can’t run the risk of a case being flimsy.  Our 3D modeling technology allows for us to mold our case interiors specific to your needs.  That way, all of your mobile power technology has its own place within your case.  This significantly reduces impact damage as it is kept secure and still.  We use the best materials available to ensure your video equipment stays safe.


Mil-Spec Video Equipment Mobile Power Cases

We have worked with every branch of our United States military.  This gives us insight into military specifications, which are necessary requirements when creating equipment.  Our cases follow every mil-spec guideline, and they go above and beyond expectations.  With PSI, you know that you’re working with experience.  Knowledge of the field is invaluable when creating mobile power cases, and PSI houses that knowledge.


Work with PSI to create video equipment mobile power cases specific to your needs!

Are you in need of customized mobile power cases for your video equipment?  Look no further–PSI can offer specifically made cases at a low cost.  We are dedicated to giving our customers a positive, cost-effective experience that you’ll remember for years to come.  Our cases are created with the best materials, and we house the most impressive breadth of military knowledge you can find.  When you work with PSI, you can feel confident that you’re working with the best.  To learn more about our mobile power cases, call 888-774-7557 or email us at [email protected]