Video Equipment Rackmount Cases

Rackmount cases provide the space and storage you need to correctly utilize your video equipment.  With these, you can easily organize your equipment.  When it arrives to its destination, it will be practically assembled, meaning you won’t have to worry about wasting time as you tinker with the electronics.  Rackmount cases are ideal for transporting and protecting video equipment, and give you the ability to be even more functional on the field.  Working with PSI means you’re guaranteed a quality, reliable rackmount case that will stand the test of time and weather the elements.  Not to mention, we work until our cases match your budget.  With Packaging Strategies Incorporated, you can’t go wrong.


Sturdy and Shock-Resistant

When traveling, you’ll want to know that your rackmount cases can handle high impact.  These cases will surely be knocked around during transport.  You need a rackmount case for your video equipment that can defend itself against impact damage.  To properly protect your equipment, work with Packaging Strategies Incorporated.  We use the strongest materials available to create truly sturdy cases, able to withstand the highest drops and hardest hits.  If you settle for anything less, you may end up with nonfunctional equipment, which can be incredibly costly on the field.


Protected From the Elements

Are you worried about elemental damage?  Don’t be.  Video equipment and electronics are particularly susceptible to water damage, as water can fry their delicate components and circuitry.  Your cases need to be water-tight in order to protect them from such damages.  PSI’s cases are created to be waterproof under all circumstances.  During travel, and even on the field, equipment is vulnerable to water damage–make sure you protect it within its casing.  

You also run the risk of dust and sand damage when your have less-than-flawless cases.  Sand and other fine particles can work their way into cheap cases, scratching the lenses of your video equipment and rendering them useless.  With a proper case created by PSI, you won’t have to worry about such damages.  Our cases are tested rigorously against environmental damages, making them impervious to dust and sand.


Mil-Spec Rackmount Cases

You won’t have to worry about your cases being up to par when you work with PSI.  Our high-quality video equipment rackmount cases are mil-spec and ready to be used by any branch of our United States military.  With our extensive combined experience, we know what it takes to create a case that meets military standards. 


Work with Packaging Strategies Incorporated to receive your pristine protective rackmount casing for your video equipment!

Video equipment is being used on the field now more than ever, and protecting it with high-quality casing is vital.  That’s why PSI uses special 3D modeling technology to craft our case molding specifically to your needs.  We vow to meet mil-spec qualifications, and we are dedicated to providing every customer with a positive, cost-effective experience.  To learn more about how you can receive your video equipment rackmount cases for electronics, call 888-774-7557 or email us at [email protected]