Video Equipment Storm Cases

When you need to weather the storm, and your video equipment needs to be kept safe, turn to Packaging Strategies Incorporated.  Pelican and their line of Storm Cases has partnered with PSI to bring you truly protective casing for your video equipment.  Whether it’s across the state, across the country, or across the world, Storm Cases can help you get there.  These cases have been designed specifically to protect military-grade equipment through the toughest of environments.  PSI also ensures that every case we distribute is tested, tried and true.  If you want your video equipment to be completely protected, try Pelican’s Storm Cases.


What is a Storm Case?

Pelican has made a durable, reliable case set that is named after its ability to handle harsh circumstances.  These cases come in all forms, and protect all sorts of various equipment.  To protect your video equipment when traveling, invest in Storm Cases.  With padlock closures, you know that your equipment is being kept safe from more than just the elements.  They also come with an automatic pressure-relief system.  Their external casing is hard and unbreakable, and their interiors are soft and plush, able to protect your equipment from the harshest of blows.  For a Storm Case directly suited to your needs, simply visit Packaging Strategies Incorporated.  We can get you started on the path towards your new set of Storm Cases!


The PSI Promise

We know how important it is to keep video equipment safe from harm.  Our years of experience in the industry has given us the knowledge to create and manufacture cases that easily meet military specifications.  When you work with PSI to get your Storm Cases, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.  PSI does the following to ensure your cases are up to standards:


  • 3D Modeling allows for us to personally design your case, tailoring it to your specific needs.  We can ensure your video equipment is nestled safely in the confines of its protective casing with this modeling procedure.
  • Environmental testing gives us the ability to see whether or not a case will handle the elements.  We put our cases through these tests, just to ensure we’re giving you a product that guarantees protection from water, dust, and sand.
  • A Pelican Partnership provides PSI with the knowledge and skill needed to distribute Storm Cases.  We work closely with the source, just to ensure we’re giving you the best product possible.




Contact Packaging Strategies Incorporated for more information on video equipment Storm Cases

Interested in Storm Cases?  Look no further–PSI is here to be your source for protective, unbreakable casing.  Your video equipment is sensitive to water, air, and dirt.  It must be kept safe, which is only possible with quality, element-proof casing.  A Storm Case’s padlock closure ensures your equipment is locked away and hidden from nefarious activity.  Don’t settle for anything less.  Call us at 888-774-7557 or email us at [email protected] to learn more information.