Video Equipment UAV Cases

There’s no better way to get a bird’s eye view than with an unmanned aerial vehicle.  Over the past few decades, UAVs have become vital aspects of military life.  This is especially true when those UAVs are carrying video equipment.  The need to view and record battlefields from above is increasingly prevalent, which means the transportation of such equipment is also on the rise.  With so many competitors out there, how will you choose the right video equipment UAV case?  When you work with PSI, you won’t have to stress.  Our experience in the industry allows for us to know exactly what is needed to protect your video equipment and your UAVs. 


Cases That Are Made to Protect

We manufacture cases that are created specifically to protect video equipment and UAVs.  When you’re on the battlefield, you’ll encounter plenty of threats to your equipment–dust, water, and even theft.  It’s important to have a case that protects against all of these threats.  Dust can get inside the nooks and crannies of your equipment, damaging it from the inside out.  Water is any video equipment’s biggest enemy, as it can seep into sensitive electrical components and fry them before you get a chance to use them.  And, without safely padlocked cases, the sensitive equipment inside is vulnerable to any kind of theft.  That’s why it’s so vital to protect your video equipment and UAVs with cases from PSI.


Cases That Are Up to Standards

Our cases meet military specifications of all sorts.  We make sure that the cases we provide are made with high quality materials, and we tailor them specifically to your needs.  Your video equipment will be kept safe, and that’s a guarantee.  At PSI, we have processes that guide us through making truly dependable cases:


  • Environmental testing is our process of putting your cases through trials involving the aforementioned elements, including shock testing.  This way, we can be completely sure that the product you’re receiving is perfect.
  • Low cost structuring makes it easier for us to provide you with quality product at a much lower cost.  Save time and money by working with PSI, and we vow to get you your cases for a better price with a quick turnaround.
  • 3D Modeling allows us to create cases that are specific to your video equipment needs.  Regardless of the size or shaping of your UAV, we can create cases that match.



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Want to learn more?  We’re ready for your call!  We have spent years working within the industry to build our knowledge and expertise.  PSI creates durable, weather-proof, dependable cases according to your needs.  As a 9001 ISO certified company, we can assure you that your video equipment UAV cases will be made with care and precision.  Call us at 888-774-7557 or email us at [email protected] to learn more information, and take one step closer to your ideal video equipment UAV case.