What to Consider When Picking a Custom Musical Case

What to Consider When Picking a Custom Musical Case

When picking out a custom musical case, here is what you’ll want to consider.

Instruments are a hassle to carry on their own. Many are bulky and inconvenient to hold in your hands. What you need is a little extra protection when moving your musical instruments around. You need something that will make carrying your instruments around a breeze. You need a custom musical case. Custom cases are designed specifically for the items they are meant to hold, meaning you can have one made for the exact instrument you’re carrying. When picking out a custom musical case, here is what you’ll want to consider.

What Material Should Make Up My Custom Musical Case?

A custom musical case can be made from many kinds of materials. You want a lightweight material, so it’s easier to carry. However, you also want something sturdy that can stand up to any forces that could compromise your instrument during travel. Aluminum cases are a popular option for this reason.

What Conditions Will my Case Face During Travel?

A custom musical case can be designed to be shockproof, waterproof, and heat-resistant, among other things. The question then becomes: what do I expect my case will have to endure? If you expect a lot of rain during your trip, a waterproof option is likely best for your needs. If you think temperatures are going to get incredibly hot or cold, a case with solid insulation is worth the investment,

Should I Get Custom Foam Inserts?

Custom foam inserts are great for providing some extra shock resistance when you don’t think your case offers enough protection on its own. They fit the exact dimensions of your instruments, so those instruments will be at no risk for being tossed around within the interior of your custom musical case. What’s more, is that foam inserts are reusable, so you’ll get your money’s worth with each new trip for which they are used.

How Big a Concern is Cost?

While it’s always nice when you can save money on a custom musical case, don’t be afraid to spend the extra dollar upfront for the sake of quality. Keep in mind that the case you pick is supposed to last you for a long time. If you get a cheap case made of fragile material, you’ll have to buy a new case in no time at all. This is an inefficient use of money. It’s best to be smart and get yourself a high-quality custom musical case, even if it costs a little more initially. You’ll save money long-term because the case won’t get damaged as easily.


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