Customize your Case with Custom Foam Interiors

Custom Foam Interior
Shipping delicate equipment can be a stressful and difficult process. The case being used must protect not only the outside of the equipment, but the inner workings of the equipment as well. In order to ensure the equipment is shipped without being damaged, consider custom foam interiors for your case. While some may think that a foam interior is unnecessary, a custom foam interior can hold several benefits for your equipment.

Foam Interior Benefits

1. Organization- A custom foam interior can be cut to incorporate compartments for each piece of equipment. This prevents parts from clanging together while in transport and makes packing easier. Everything will fit easily in the case when a foam interior maps out where each part belongs.
2. Protective Layer- While the strong outer surface of the case protects the external components of your equipment; a foam interior will protect the internal components. The foam will absorb any shock waves or sudden movements while in transport, making sure your equipment is safe and unharmed.
3. Temperature- Some equipment require certain temperatures to avoid damage. A foam interior will help maintain and balance the internal temperature of the case so your equipment is never damaged.
4. Clean- Custom foam interiors are cut to fit the specific case, which eliminates the need for messier packing materials.

At Packing Strategies Incorporated, we specialize in making and installing custom foam interiors for your custom cases. PSI understands that your equipment needs to be protected at all times during transportation, which is why we are continuously working to find new innovative ways to create custom cases and foam interiors. Located in Baltimore, Maryland, PSI is the only name you need to know when it comes to foam interiors.

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