Server Racks: How They Protect Equipment

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Learn more about server racks and how they protect your equipment.

When preparing to transport technical equipment, server racks are one way to keep these devices secure. Server racks may be used at the location in which they are needed or can be used to secure and enclose cases so they are prepared for transporting advanced IT and technological equipment in challenging or remote environments. Packaging Strategies, Inc. can provide our clients with these designs to improve the functionality of their transit cases. If you are concerned about transporting delicate technology, consider how server racks may provide the security and convenience you need. 

The Different Types of Server Racks

Server racks are available in different sizes for different kinds of equipment and their uses. Most server racks are customizable. Custom racks are designed to fit the specific shape and measurements of the equipment they hold while allowing for wire connections and necessary airflow. There are a few types of server racks: 

  • Open framed racks, which do not enclose the equipment on all sides. These offer more flexibility and cable accessibility and are often found in server rooms. 
  • Locked or enclosed racks have solid sides and can be locked to provide higher security. The price point may be higher, but they can be used in non-secure locations or for transporting equipment. 
  • Rugged rack servers are the sturdiest storage option and are built to be shock-absorbent and highly protective. 

How Are Server Racks Used? 

Server racks in transit cases are used for holding technological and electronic equipment, including those required for IT or telecommunications. This may include routers, switches, hubs, and servers. These racks have become essential in recent years thanks to the massive technological developments worldwide and the widespread use of cloud-based solutions. 

Rugged rack servers are often used across the defense, security, oil and gas, and aerospace industries. In those scenarios, server racks may be required to transport equipment over long distances and be suitable for use in challenging climates. This usage often benefits from custom rack builds by experienced Packaging Strategies, Inc. designers. 

Other racks, such as those enclosed on all sides for security, are often used to hold equipment for industries like music and broadcasting. They are highly suited for concert tours, music festivals, and TV production because they provide protection while remaining lightweight and suitable for use indoors and outdoors. 

Can You Cool Server Racks? 

One of the primary challenges of storing or transporting extensive amounts of IT equipment is preventing overheating. If you are operating in hot or unpredictable climates, this is especially a concern. Therefore, your server racks must have robust climate control features. 

Some have built-in cooling systems, but sometimes, it is necessary to customize or use additional equipment to create or enhance these features. Your designers at Packaging Strategies, Inc. can recommend the best solutions to protect your equipment. 


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