4 Types of Cases for the Defense Industry

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Work with PSI Cases to design cases for the defense industry.

Members of the defense industry require military cases that are built to last through rough handling, extreme climates, environmental hazards, and unpredictable conditions. These cases must be able to carry and protect essential equipment and tools while being easy to maneuver and move across numerous locations. At Packaging Strategies, Inc., we have extensive experience creating military cases designed for the security and defense industry. These cases have superior exterior protection and internal cushioning that supports each essential piece of equipment, medical tools, weapons, and supplies necessary for successful missions worldwide. What are some examples of these cases built for the defense industry? If you need supreme protection, contact Packaging Strategies, Inc. today to create the following cases. 

Helmet Cases

Helmets are crucial pieces of defense equipment that save lives. They must be appropriately stored during transportation to remain effective. Helmet cases, particularly designed for helicopter pilot helmets, which contain protective and technological elements, require premium designs. Aluminum cases and custom-engineered foam protect the case’s exterior and keep the helmet protected inside the case. 

Medical Cases

Lifesaving medical supplies must be transported safely, especially in military scenarios. Medical equipment is often used on the field, with tools and equipment used straight from the case and occasionally in less-than-ideal environments. To keep the tools pristine during transportation, you need a water-resistant case that seals and keeps out water, dust, and other contaminants. Medical cases should also include custom-fit foam that holds each tool in its designated place. Folders and drawers may also be added to organize and secure various medical equipment. Polyethylene cases also contribute to hygiene as this material has zero fungal growth possibilities. 

Food Containers 

Military food containers must withstand the extreme environments and rough handling found throughout the defense industry. Food is necessary fuel for people on long, challenging missions, and so reliable food cases in the defense industry are a must. 

These cases can be made with food-grade polyethylene, which is hygienic and corrosion-resistant. Rugged food containers may be designed to hold standard gastronorm trays and can be washed in dishwashers without damage. Stainless steel also helps seal in heat in food containers. Rugged containers must also withstand drops and impacts without leaking or sustaining damage. 

Weapons Cases

Transporting military weapons requires rugged cases that protect this expensive and valuable equipment from rough transportation and extreme climates. Packaging Strategies, Inc. can create cases for the defense industry tailored to different applications and unique security considerations, weapon types, and more. Military weapons are protected inside rugged cases with foam inserts that eliminate the possibility of chemical contamination or corrosion, which means weapons are kept in pristine condition. The cases are also air-tight to keep out water or dust that may damage weapons.


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