How to Know You Need Foam Inserts

How to Know You Need Foam Inserts

If you don’t know when you might need foam inserts, here are scenarios in which they would be appropriate.

There are many factors that can cause items to get damaged on their way to their destination. You can run into some problematic weather where rain gets into your case and causes water damage to your supplies. Sometimes, your case gets tossed around too much, and shock damage takes its toll. When events such as these occur, you’ll have a higher chance of hearing that people’s items have been damaged and don’t function as they should. When this happens, you know your case needs more protection. This is where custom foam inserts come into play. Foam inserts provide that extra bit of protection to keep everything in peak condition. If you don’t know when you might need foam inserts, here are scenarios in which they would be appropriate.

You’re Handling Delicate Items

Some items are incredibly fragile, such as electronic supplies and medical equipment. Items such as these require the highest level of care. Leave nothing to chance because even if they get shaken up a little, it can cause them to not function as they should, and items could get sent back. Foam inserts add that extra bit of protection to keep these delicate items from getting damaged while reaching their destination.

High Rate of Product Returns

While there’s always the possibility of your products being sent back, it shouldn’t be a recurring problem. When you start noticing that your items are being sent back constantly, it’s an indicator that there is something wrong with the case used to transport them. With custom foam inserts, your case will be given extra protection for the items inside of it. With this extra layer of protection, there’s a much smaller chance that you’ll have damaged items, so customers are less likely to feel compelled to send things back.

You’re Sending High-Value Items

Even if nothing bad has happened to your items yet, if you’re transporting items of high enough value, you won’t want to take any chances. The last thing you need is to have something get damaged because of not taking enough precautions.

With custom foam inserts, you can take comfort in knowing your items will be kept safer. When handling high-value products, it’s better to be safe than sorry.


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