Why Plastic is One of the Best Materials for a Custom Case

Plastic Custom Cases

Why is plastic one of the best materials to use in a custom case? Learn here!

Whether you are transporting sensitive electronics, delicate medical equipment, or something else, the right custom case should give you peace of mind and the durability you need. Plastic is a fantastic material for custom cases because it offers numerous customization options in addition to being shock resistant, watertight, and airtight. Here are some of the major advantages of choosing plastic for your custom case.

Superior Shock Resistance

Shock resistance is critical for preventing your delicate equipment from getting ruined throughout transit or shipping. The US military frequently uses plastic custom cases for their superior shock resistance! When traveling over uneven terrain for unknown durations of time, you don’t have the time to worry about whether or not your weapons or electronics are going to survive the journey. Plastic gives you extra peace of mind and ensures that your product is in great condition when you need to take it out of the case.


We know that custom cases are called custom cases, but some allow for more customization than others. Since plastic is a moldable and flexible material, you can customize it to match the size, shape, and other requirements of your product. Some of our plastic custom case options include specific brackets, racks, keyboard protectors, shock mounting, or custom foam interiors. A well-designed interior will also help to increase the amount of shock protection you get.

Watertight and Airtight

Your equipment is expensive, which is why you are investing in a custom case in the first place! Plastic custom cases are the best way to protect the insides of your custom case from any moisture or water damage. They are also pressure resistant, so you can fly with them without thinking twice or use them in a variety of altitudes without worry.

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