The Benefits of Custom Cushioning Systems

What good is a custom case without a custom foam interior? The answer is quite simple; it is not very effective. That is why Packaging Strategies Inc. prides itself on offering total packaging solutions, from design and prototyping to fabrication and even custom cushioning solutions. We’ll keep your equipment safe and secure.

PSI produces cushioning systems that cradle and protect even the most delicate tools and systems. When the time comes to pack up your gear, our custom cushioning systems provide intuitive layouts for quick breakdown.

PSI promises a final product that will go above and beyond your expectations. Our deep knowledge of materials is matched by our team’s experience in constructing systems that stand up to the rigors of field use.

With a manufacturing site on location in Baltimore, Maryland, PSI has the ability to completely customize every aspect of your custom case. First, we meet with a client to evaluate his/her unique situation. Then we design and engineer a custom container prototype using a unique approach that combines 3D modeling design with first article sampling. Then comes the custom cushioning.

Stocking a full array of cushioning materials to model and rapid prototype designs for customer requirements combined with state of the art CNC production fabrication machinery, PSI promises the lowest cost value. This completely custom design and prototyping method guarantees that the solution provided will perform correctly, eliminate delays in delivery schedule and not exceed cost expectations.

Packaging Strategies Incorporated: We Cushion the Blows.

If you’re interested in learning more about our custom cushioning solutions, please contact Packaging Strategies Inc. by calling 410-547-7877, email, or click here today!

Since 1990, PSI has evolved from a small organization focused on supporting the defense community to a multi-facated company serving both defense and private enterprises.  An ISO 9001 certified and registered company, our in-house design and prototyping services combined with our capability to test and evaluate all package designs guarantees the finished product will work properly.

Located in Baltimore, Maryland, we have manufactured systems integration packages and container solutions (rotationally molded containers, injection molded transit cases, and metal containers) for clientele of all types, from government agencies, large corporations and branches of the military to the private sector.

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