3 Types of Foam for Custom Cases


Learn about the different types of foam for custom cases.

You might think of foam found in custom cases as a one-type-fits-all kind of material. In fact, there are several different types of foam that all have different characteristics to serve specific purposes. Whether it’s customized using the die-cut or water jet cut method, and whether it’s been fabricated through cutting or grinding and bonding, the foam in custom cases will surround your gear in the proper amount of protection. Foam is an essential part of the system that keeps your sensitive, important, expensive, and fragile equipment safe during transport. Learn more about the types of foam to and which is the best technique for your transporting needs.  


  • Expanded Polyethylene Foam


Otherwise known as EPE Foam, Expanded Polyethylene Foam is known for having a low weight to high strength ratio. It’s made with a closed cell beaded polyethylene. EPE is also semi-rigid, non-crossed-linked, and closed cell. Professionals produce this type of foam by applying heat, pressure, and a blowing agent inside an autoclave. Small beads are then injected into molds with steam heat and pressure. The applications for this type of foam are almost endless as it is non-abrasive, flexible, strong, and can be made into any shape.  


  • Convoluted Foam


Most people can recognize Convoluted Foam because of its unique shape. It’s often referred to as the egg crate foam because of its similarities in appearance to an egg carton. This shape allows it to be lightweight and facilitate airflow. It’s made with a convolutor, powerful rollers, and a high-tension bandsaw. When using Convoluted Foam, you benefit from its versatility and use as a lid foam for injection molded cases.


  • Cross-Linked Polyethylene


Cross-Linked Polyethylene is known for its smooth texture and closed cell construction. It is best used for replacing vinyl foams, neoprene, natural rubbers, polystyrene, and other polymeric materials. It is usually charcoal gray and chosen for applications outside the normal PE foam area.


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