Aluminum Custom Case Traits

Aluminum Custom Case Traits

Here are some of the key traits that make an aluminum custom case a great choice for your packing needs.

There are several custom case materials available to meet all your packing needs. After all, as the saying goes: it’s about the right tool for the job. From custom molded plastic cases to aluminum, there are several heavy-duty case options to keep your possessions, equipment, and gadgets safe in nearly any situation. But what is the real difference between these heavy-duty materials? There are several reasons that one might opt for a custom aluminum case to protect their most valuable items. Here are some of the key traits that make an aluminum custom case a great choice for your packing needs.

Strong and Durable Exterior

One of the primary reasons that customers opt for aluminum custom cases is the incredible strength and high durability of the material. Aluminum is highly impact resistant and is extremely effective for protecting the contents of your custom case. Even when enough pressure is applied to dent or damage an aluminum case, this material does an excellent job of absorbing a blow to protect the contents of your case. This makes it a great choice for a heavy-duty case that will protect even your most delicate tech devices during even the roughest travel.

No UV Degradation

Some materials degrade when exposed to direct sunlight for too long–but aluminum is not subject to degradation from long-term exposure to UV rays. You can leave a custom aluminum case under the sun for hours, but it will really only get hot. What’s more, is that high temperatures are no problem for aluminum cases. Aluminum cases are ideal for exposure to extreme temperatures: they’re stable anywhere from -238 degrees Fahrenheit to 302 degrees Fahrenheit.


For how strong and durable it is, aluminum is an extremely lightweight material for a custom case. This is what makes aluminum a popular choice in aircraft construction. This lightweight quality makes aluminum a great choice for a protective case that won’t weigh down your luggage–an important consideration for long-term trips, flights with luggage weight constraints, and keeping your carload to a reasonable density.

Hygienic and Easy to Clean

Aluminum cases are a great choice for medical equipment and other sterile applications due to how hygienic it is. Aluminum cases are extremely simple to keep clean and hygienic since aluminum is a very smooth, non-porous, and durable material. Even if you don’t need to keep your luggage or equipment completely sterile, it’s good to know that aluminum is easy to keep looking clean and new, trip after trip.


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