What is a Custom Case Load Spreader?

Custom Case Load Spreader

A load spreader reduces the strain on the materials that a custom case is made of.

If you have a heavy cargo that needs to be transported in a custom case, you may be thinking about the human toll required for its transportation. Certainly, when possible, custom cases loaded with cargo need to be light enough to be able to be handled by humans or machinery. But you may not be thinking about the toll that heavy cargo can put on the custom case itself. Stress is defined as the measure of a load divided by area, and this stress can damage even the toughest materials. For very high payloads that need to be transported in a small area, a load spreader may be the solution.

An Extra Component that Can Make a Big Difference

A load spreader does exactly what its name suggests. It is a flat plate with stiffening ribs to resist bending that distributes a load over a larger area. In a custom case, this load spreader is fitted over and secured to the floor, and sometimes to the walls as well. This reduces stress on the case material. Load spreaders are usually unnecessary in most situations as transit cases are built to handle generally whatever load needs to be transported. But payloads consisting of very dense materials can cause some problems.

Consider a Pair of Stilettos…

The situation is analogous to shoes. A 200-pound man wears a boot with seven square inches of heel, resulting in a pressure of 28.5 psi. Now consider a 125-pound woman wearing stilettos. The woman weighs less than the man, but the heels of stilettos cover an area of less than one square inch, resulting in a pressure of over 1,000 psi! That sort of pressure applied to such a small area can do some serious damage even to tough materials. The concept is the same for high-density payloads in custom cases. In a transit case, this high pressure can result in permanent deformation or even the total failure of the case to protect the cargo. The load spreader is able to spread this pressure over a larger area to ensure that the case is able to do its job effectively.


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