How Custom Transit Cases Protect Your Valuables

Custom Transit Cases

Custom transit cases can help you protect your valuables.

Custom transit cases are a fantastic way to protect your valuables, medical devices, or just about anything else. The right transit case will offer you a great amount of durability and longevity and keep whatever you need to store or ship safe for many trips. Here are the many different ways that custom transit cases protect your valuables.

Choose the Right Material

The best materials for your custom transit case are typically lightweight polymers. These polymers have an affordable cost, especially when taking their longevity into account. Polymers do a very good job at insulating, keeping moisture out of your case, and taking whatever shape they need to.

Ensure a Rigid Design

Since polymer sheets can bend so easily, making a rigid design is critical to ensuring that your custom transit case holds up to the task. Think of polymer sheets like paper—if they are just in one layer they are easy to bend and rip, but when folded and layered properly they are incredibly hard to move or penetrate. The custom case engineers at PSI Cases will ensure that your custom transit case stands up to the task.

Pick Recessed Fittings

There are many add-ons that are used to make sure that your custom transit case is easy to transport, like handles, tie-down rings, latches, and hinges. These should always be placed in areas where they won’t be exposed to heavy impact or potential damage. These hardware types should not be put directly on top of the polymer, as a poorly designed custom transit case can be ripped right out from under them. Instead, mount any fasteners through the case itself and attach them to metal inserts on the inside. This will spread the weight out and protect the integrity of the case.

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