Are Double-Entry Rackmount Cases Suitable for Your Needs?

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Discover the advantages that double-entry rackmount cases can provide.

If you have electronic equipment you must protect during transit, consider the advantages of a rackmount case. A rackmount case has a durable outer shell surrounding an inner metallic rack to which the electronic equipment is mounted. These transportation solutions are ideal for those looking to safely store sensitive equipment while maintaining portability. What makes double-entry rackmount cases unique? A double-entry rackmount case is stackable and often used for shipping and storing electronics. The case design experts at Packaging Strategies, Inc. know how they can be customized and designed to meet industry standards. Before deciding whether double-entry rackmount cases are suitable for your case needs, consider whether they have the protection, customization, and ease of transport you require. 


One of the primary considerations when selecting a rackmount case is the level of protection it offers. Double-entry rackmount cases are renowned for their robust construction and superior protective features. The double-entry design allows for quick and easy access to both the front and rear of the equipment. This simplifies the setup and troubleshooting processes and ensures that delicate components are shielded from potential damage during transit or use.

These cases often boast rugged exteriors, reinforced corners, and shock-absorbing materials, providing a sturdy barrier against impact, vibration, and other environmental hazards. The dual entry points further contribute to efficient cable management, reducing the risk of tangled wires and potential connector damage.


Flexibility and adaptability are crucial in various industries, and double-entry rackmount cases excel in this regard. The ability to access both the front and rear panels allows for easy customization of the equipment setup without the need to remove it from the case entirely.

These cases typically feature adjustable rack rails, facilitating the accommodation of different-sized equipment. This adaptability is particularly beneficial for professionals working with diverse gear configurations, as it minimizes the need for multiple cases or constant adjustments.

Additionally, the interior of double-entry rackmount cases often includes mounting points for accessories such as cable management systems, power distribution units, and cooling solutions. This allows users to tailor the case to their specific requirements, optimizing space and functionality.

Ease of Transport

For individuals who frequently transport their equipment to various locations, the ease of transport is a critical factor. Double-entry rackmount cases, despite their robust construction, are designed with mobility in mind.

The inclusion of durable handles and sturdy casters ensures that these cases can be transported with relative ease. The accessibility of both front and rear panels also simplifies the loading and unloading process, reducing the time and effort required for setup at different venues. These cases often come with comfort-grip handles for easy lifting and molded in-rib exteriors so they can be safely stacked and interlocked. 

Additionally, many double-entry rackmount cases are designed to comply with standard rack dimensions, making them compatible with a wide range of rack systems commonly used in industries such as audio, video, and information technology.

If you are ready to benefit from the advantages of double-entry rackmount cases, contact the design team at Packaging Strategies, Inc. today. We can help you build the best case for your equipment. 


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