Durable Reusable Cases and 6 Industries That Use Them

PSI cases durable reusable cases

Durable, reusable cases from PSI are used by many industries including the military.

The world of custom packaging is quite varied. Custom packaging comes in countless materials, shapes, and sizes. Many times, custom packaging is an afterthought. Designers tend to create a beautiful product, get it to production, then suddenly find themselves asking, “what are we going to ship it in?” That’s where Packaging Strategies, Inc. comes to the rescue! Numerous industries rely on us for custom, durable, and reusable cases that can protect their equipment and ensure fast action on the job. Our incredible cases can benefit the military, energy, medical, law enforcement, commercial MRO, and photographic industries. Keep reading to learn more about how Packaging Strategies Incorporated creates the custom packaging you need. 

Injection-Mold Cases vs. Roto-Mold Cases

At Packaging Strategies, we specialize in every phase of identification, design, testing, quality control, and integration of the customer’s product in a safe, high-quality, protective package. Many packaging companies will promote corrugated as the ultimate solution. They couldn’t be further from the truth! High-end packaging most times comes in a plastic injection mold or roto-mold structures. The differences are quite varied. 

Injection molded cases are great for small to medium or large, not too large, products. If a customer needs a larger container, then roto-mold cases provide a larger package that is not achieved today with injection molded products. Although you can use injection molded cases as is, with no customization, it often makes sense to customize the interior to perfectly accommodate your products to ensure maximum protection. Roto-molded products, on the other hand, are almost always customized. 

Medical and Law Enforcement

Medical instruments and equipment are costly and valuable. Plus, they can often be fragile and easily broken if stored in an unstable case. Custom cases for the medical industry are designed to nest all equipment securely and protect it from damage during transit. Medical cases often travel in ambulances, helicopters, or throughout the hospital in time-sensitive situations, so you want to ensure that durable cases protect all tools. 

Law enforcement must also act on a moment’s notice and require cases that are easy to carry and can withstand rugged and sometimes unpredictable working conditions. Easy access to equipment in these cases is essential for fast responses from officers. 

Military and Energy

Military members and government employees must transport sensitive military equipment and supplies through harsh conditions and often long transits. Rugged military cases can be used as weapon transport cases, rackmount server cases, to contain field communications equipment, and much more. Those in the energy industry may need to transport delicate laboratory tests or engineering equipment. 

Durable and reusable cases are essential for security and efficiency when transporting sensitive equipment across environments in various climates and conditions. Packaging Strategies uses Military Case Specifications (MIL-SPECS) to provide exactly what you need. 

Photographic Industry 

Professional photographers are required to carry their expensive equipment with them to each location they plan to photograph. This can include a camera and several types of lenses varying in size and memory cards, tripods, and cleaning tools. Durable and reusable cases from Packaging Strategies can protect every valuable piece of photographic equipment while making transportation and gear load out incredibly manageable. 

Commercial MRO 

Maintenance repair and overhaul teams for commercial aircraft must carry many tools to have what they need for each task. These tools have to be organized to increase productivity. Durable and reusable cases are essential for packaging these tools safely while making them easy to transport around industrial environments. 

Contact Packaging Strategies for Custom Durable Cases

At Packaging Strategies, we will identify all of your contents and create detailed measurements and drawings. Only after you approve the design will we create a ‘first article’ sample for you to test for form, fit, and function. Our Quality Engineers will also review the initial design to ensure your needs are met, and your products are well protected for any rough environment. Only after you have approved the sample will we manufacture the rest of your order. This guarantees that you receive a beautiful, high-quality, custom solution designed specifically for your product needs. Call us today at 1-888-774-7557 or contact us online.

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