Hard vs. Soft Custom Cases

Hard vs soft custom case

Hard custom cases are better for protecting sensitive equipment than soft custom cases.

Choosing the perfect custom case for your product involves a ton of decisions—what material to use, how to properly pad the inside, and when to do package testing. Today we will be dealing with one of the earliest questions you will have to answer, do you want a hard custom case or a soft custom case?

Hard Custom Cases

Hard shell cases work well in travel situations, as they can stand up to a good deal of shuffling around and abuse. Whether you ride the bus every day or spend your time flying from trade show to trade show, a hard custom case is up to the task. Hard custom cases work well for technology items, as they can be padded or fitted with molding so that delicate equipment won’t budge an inch. Hard custom cases also work well when it comes to shock absorption, so the products inside won’t break or be severely damaged if the case is dropped from a reasonable height. Hard custom cases also are pretty much a requirement if you will be shipping your products, as soft custom cases will not be able to handle the wear and tear of shipping.

Soft Custom Cases

Soft custom cases also offer a lot to their users. They are incredibly lightweight, so you won’t need any help lifting them or be tired after lugging them around all day. Soft cases can be easier to carry due to the weight and due to their softer shape. They can fit into smaller spots in the product inside won’t be damaged, giving you more leeway when it comes time to squeeze your case into the carry-on container at the airport. Soft custom cases work well for quick travel, while hard custom cases can work better for heavy duty travel.

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