How Strong is Plastic?


How strong is plastic anyway? We aim to find out.

There have been many articles claiming that modern plastic can be as strong, or even stronger, than steel. Is this actually true though? We’re here to look at how strong plastic cases can be. Rotomolding, or other processes for creating strong plastic cases, certainly can make a product that withstands damage. But we at Packaging Strategies Inc. still want to know – how strong is plastic really?

What’s True?

Is plastic really stronger than metal? It’s certainly true that saying all plastic is stronger than all steel is a broad and incorrect statement. There are different kinds of plastics and steels. Steel can come in different grades, which offer different strength capabilities. Some plastics are stronger than some kinds of steel however, but it all depends on what you’re comparing.

What’s It Mean For Cases?

Some plastic is incredibly strong while others aren’t. The plastic used in custom cases is incredibly durable, whereas the plastic used in toys for children isn’t. Be sure to look into what kind of plastic your case uses. These hard plastics are typically durable and ready for transit, but you may want to ask for a sample or find a display case to check.

So Why Use Plastic Over Metal Alternatives?

You may wonder why you would even use plastic then. Plastic is shock resistant, which if you’re shipping delicate equipment may be necessary. Plastic cases are also capable of much more customization than their metal alternatives. You can customize it to match the size and shape of whatever you’re trying to ship. They’re also both watertight and airtight, which is great if you’re dealing with expensive, sensitive gear.

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