The Process of Injection Molding

Injection Molding Plastic Bottles

Plastic water bottles are made with injection molding – we also use it to make some of our custom cases!

One of the methods we use to manufacture custom cases is injection molding. This is a process where we shape plastic into the form of a case. It is a very versatile process and can be used to make many different kinds of custom cases. Today we’re going to explain how the process of injection molding works.

Engineering Plastics

The basic explanation of injection molding is that small plastic granules are superheated to a molten state, then injected into a mold and cooled to a solid state. The machine used for this is divided into two parts – the clamping unit and the injection unit. The clamping unit opens and closes the die and ejects the finished product. The injection unit heats the plastic and sends the melted plastic into the mold.

The Mold

A mold is created using a hollow metal block which will take the molten plastic from the injection unit. This block usually has holes drilled into it to regulate temperature by means of hot water, heaters, or oil. This mold takes the molten plastic and, after all of the cavities are filled, the cooling process begins. Once cool, the mold opens and the formed plastic case is ejected, then the process is repeated for multiple products.

One Benefit – Recycling Materials

One major benefit of using injection molding is that leftover plastic materials from the process are able to be reground and reused to make the products. This is what’s called reprocessed materials. Products cannot be made wholly from reprocessed materials as this would spoil the original properties of the plastic, but a ratio up to 30% is allowable. Using less plastic material in the creation of cases means a lower production cost and these savings can be passed on to the customer.

Tough and Durable

Injection molding can be used to create highly durable custom cases. Plastic can withstand heavy usage and we can combine that toughness with purge valves to make your case water and dustproof. For those looking to ship sensitive cargo, a case made through injection molding might be a good move.


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