Removable Racks Can Make Equipment Exchange Simple

Custom Case With Removable Racks

Removable racks can make your equipment exchange much easier in a less than ideal environment.

Even the most flexible technician can have trouble installing electrical equipment in a rack mount case. Generally, connections in the rear are made before mounting the unit inside the rack. However, it usually happens that cables bunch up behind the equipment and preventing it from sliding it into place properly. You then need another set of hands to draw the cables out gently while the hardware is pushed in, only once this is done can the securing screws be inserted. It’s tough enough to do in optimum conditions, so imagine how difficult it is to do in the field, potentially in low light conditions, with no help! Removable racks can help make this task much easier and is a great solution. Is a rack mount case equipped with removable racks the right case for your needs?

How do Removable Racks Work?

The rack frame is fastened onto rails and slides forward out of the rack mount case in much the same manner as a drawer in a kitchen cabinet. Once the equipment is mounted into place, it’s much easier to reorganize the cabling before sliding the rack back into the case.

When Should You Consider Removable Racks?

Usually, the question of how often equipment is moved between cases or how often cases need to be reconfigured for different missions dictate whether removable racks are a good idea. If case and payload are going to be paired permanently the disadvantages of removable racks aren’t worth the benefits. But if the equipment is expected to be transferred between cases, anything that can make the maintenance, removal, and installation processes simpler will be appreciated.

What are the Disadvantages?

Why aren’t removable racks standard on all rack mount cases? They add weight to the case, which reduces payload capacity. There are some height limitations to a rack mount case equipped with a removable rack. There is less sway space inside the case, which could increase the risk of damage. And, finally, they simply cost more to make!


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