Rackmount Cases for Electronics Transportation

psi cases rackmount cases for electronics

Rackmount cases for electronics provide ultimate protection and efficient on-site deployment.

Advanced computers that once filled up entire rooms decades ago can now be transported in a case and deployed anywhere at any time. Moving sensitive IT equipment from point A to point B is crucial for many industries. Furthermore, once the equipment is transported, it must be seamlessly deployed – that is where rackmount cases for electronics become necessary. Electronic cases must be protected from dust, sand, and moisture, among other weather conditions, which can damage the equipment or affect performance. Transportation is often physically hard on cases, so the rackmount case must protect the equipment from vibrations and shocks. At Packaging Strategies, Inc., we have the knowledge and resources to help you design and create the best rackmount cases for your electronics that ensure long-lasting protection and durability. 

Rackmount Cases From Packaging Strategies, Inc.

Equipment, usually servers, hard drives and chassis designed to be placed in a rack is typically described as a rackmount. Custom rackmount cases can be designed to contain several rack units, which is a unit of measurement applied to rack mounts and the servers, disk drivers, and other devices they contain. 

Packaging Strategies can create a double entry rackmount case that meets military specifications. Our experience and knowledge also lets us manufacture budget-friendly cases that provide the sturdiness you require. We test each rackmount case in every environment to ensure they are completely waterproof. 

Our 3D modeling technology enables us to create cases specific to your needs. Every case is unique, with different parts and accessories that must be accounted for within the case. Building a custom case is essential for the ultimate protection of the equipment you have invested in.

How Does Your Case Protect IT Equipment?

Rackmount cases provide unbeatable protection for the sensitive equipment they contain. They protect against both weather and the shocks and vibrations cases are likely to encounter during their transportation. Your cases can also include handles and fixed or removable wheels, or be stackable, to allow for easy transport, storage, and efficient deployment.

One of the critical benefits of rackmount cases for electronics, beyond their protection during transportation, is that they connect and configure all systems to one unit housed in the case. This creates a “plug-and-play” system that allows for quick deployment of the equipment on-site, providing you with valuable time savings. If you are ready to improve the safety and efficiency of your electronics, contact Packaging Strategies Inc. today to have our Design and Technology Center create your custom rackmount cases. 

Industries That Can Use Rackmount Cases

Many industries rely on high-quality, advanced technology and electronics for their essential operations. A few of the major industries that can depend on rackmount cases for electronics are:

  • Broadcasting & Music Industries: For broadcasting, and audio-visual industries, traveling with and transporting mixers, recorders, audio workstations, amplifiers, and other audio equipment is the norm and needs to be done as efficiently as possible. 
  • Military & Defense: State-of-the-art equipment like radio and telecommunications technology servers, control systems, and systems for monitoring and surveillance must be transported to military operations worldwide for on-site use.
  • Scientific & Medical: In scientific industries like medicine or aerospace, servers, radio communications, medical and testing equipment, lab equipment, and more are just a few of the fragile electronics that must be transported to facilitate the operations of professionals in these industries. 

In all industries, the protection of this sensitive equipment is essential. Packaging Strategies, Inc. can provide you with the protection you require. 


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