What Makes Rotomolded Cases So Durable?

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What makes rotomolded cases so durable? Learn more about the unique traits of these custom cases.

Whether you are searching for shipping cases for the medical, military, or communications industry, you must consider various case designs for optimum performance. One of these options will be rotomolded cases. What makes a rotomolded case unique? These cases – a shortened form of “rotationally molded cases” – are some of the most durable transit case designs available. At Packaging Strategies, Inc., we have experience designing rotomolded cases for a variety of clients and know when their unique durability is an advantage that cannot be ignored. If you are unfamiliar with the benefits of rotomolded cases, keep reading to learn more about the fundamental features of these custom shipping cases. 

What Is Rotational Molding? 

Rotomolded cases are named after the process that makes them. Rotationally molded cases are created in a three-stage, no-pressure, plastic molding process. 

  1. The Heating Stage: The mold slowly rotates in two planes as heat melts the plastic charge so it conforms to the interior of the mold. 
  2. The Cooling Stage: The mold is cooled by air, water spray, or a combination of those methods. 
  3. The Load/Unload Stage: The product is removed from the mold, and a new charge is inserted. 

Rotational molding is used to create numerous objects but has proved to be an incredibly effective way to create durable, customized shipping cases. 

Why Rotomolded Cases Are So Durable 

Rotomolded cases provide the durability organizations across numerous industries need when transporting sensitive, costly, or high-security equipment and goods. Because of its unique creation process, rotomolded cases will have thicker plastic corners and edges with thinner flat walls. This creates a lightweight product with sturdy corners that protect the interiors from shock impacts that may occur during transportation and handling. 

The one-piece construction also ensures more durability because users do not have to worry about multiple, separate pieces of equipment and how they fit together. Additionally, rotomolding does not leave residual stresses as other molding processes may do. This means the case is less prone to distortion or damage and provides more enduring stability. 

Rotomolding also offers the chance for custom durability construction. Case manufacturers can experiment with wall thickness during the production process to create a case suitable for their equipment. 

Additional Benefits of Rotomolded Cases for All Industries

In addition to the durability required to ship equipment and products safely, rotomolded cases provide additional benefits that all industries look for in their shipping cases. 

  • Lightweight: Rotomolded cases are lighter than other molded cases, which makes them easier to carry and handle. 
  • Watertight: The case design can include hollow sections with no joints, which helps keep cases watertight. 
  • Easy Stacking: The distortion-free molding process lets designers incorporate interlocking features for easy stacking of multiple cases. 
  • Smooth Corners: There are no sharp external corners or edges, which makes the cases easier to handle and creates better shock absorption. 
  • Long-Lasting Colors: The case color is blended through the material instead of painted or powder-coated. This helps the case retain its impressive appearance even after heavy use. 

When you work with experienced case designers at Packaging Strategies, Inc., you can create custom rotomolded cases that provide the long-term durability you need at an attractive price. If you are ready to improve your equipment handling today, contact Packaging Strategies, Inc.


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