Military ROV Cases: Protection Guaranteed with Custom Case Designs

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Military ROV cases protect sensitive equipment used in aquatic environments.

The American military needs a variety of high-tech tools to retrieve the intelligence and security essential for their operations. One of these modern technologies is ROVs or Remotely Operated Vehicles. The Navy uses these tools for underwater exploration, which allow operators to use the ROVs from a distance to investigate underwater security threats. Underwater ROVs are essential for safe and efficient operations, which means this equipment must be cared for consistently so they do not malfunction during crucial moments. Part of keeping equipment safe and secure is storing and transporting these tools in high-quality, custom military ROV cases. At Packaging Strategies, Inc., we can help you create the custom, sturdy, and quality cases you need to preserve your ROVs for years. 

Meet Military Specifications

Packaging Strategies, Inc. understands the military specifications required for military case designs. These specifications are strict, as military units need consistent, uniform quality to ensure optimal and safe performance in all situations. As an ISO 9001-certified company, Packaging Strategies, inc. has worked with every branch of the U.S. military. Our military ROV cases can meet all kinds of mil-spec requirements, including: 

  • MIL-PRF-28800: Test equipment for use with electronic equipment
  • MIL-STD-130: Identification marking required for U.S. military property 
  • MIL-STD-2073: Department of Defence standard practice for packaging military supplies and equipment
  • MIL-STD-1472: Human engineering design criteria for military equipment, systems, and facilities 

When you partner with a company like Packaging Strategies, Inc. to create your custom military ROV cases, you don’t have to worry about your cases falling short of their expected performance. 

Protect ROVs from Water, Dust, and Shock

The goal of any custom military case is to protect the equipment inside–which is frequently expensive and a valuable part of operations–from external damage. Water, dust, and impacts from drops or mishandling can wreak havoc on delicate equipment. ROVs have numerous vulnerable elements that can be permanently destroyed, such as their lenses or circuitry. If it is missing one component, the entire unit is useless. 

Custom military ROV cases are tested in intense environmental conditions to make sure they can stand up to use in the field. When working with ROVs, you will be around water. You must ensure that the ROV components designed to stay out of the water are not submerged. Packaging Strategies, inc. custom cases are equipped with pressure release valves that let the cases float while keeping water out. 

Dust is also a threat, as it can scratch lenses on the ROV. Airtight seals keep out stray dust and particles that may appear in the outdoor, uncontrolled environments of military operations. 

Rotomolding Creates Sturdy Military ROV Cases

Our design team’s 3D modeling enables us to create custom rotomolded cases. These cases offer supreme protection and durability due to their seamless construction. If you are ready to design the case that will help your ROVs withstand years of use and travel, contact Packaging Strategies, Inc. today.


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