What to Include in Your Custom Drone Case

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Consider which features you want to include in your custom drone case.

Drones are tools used increasingly throughout several industries, including the military and media sectors. Drones can be used for many purposes, from collecting aerial shots of incredible landscapes to dropping life-saving resources into disaster zones. However, despite all their unique differences, all drones have two things in common: they are a substantial investment and are easy to damage. This means that anyone investing in a drone must also invest in a way to safely and efficiently store and transport the drone. Working with custom case designers at Packaging Strategies, Design and Technology Center, can ensure you receive the best custom drone case that protects your valuable equipment from all outside hazards. As you consult our designers, consider the following factors to decide which features you need in your drone case. 

The Best Exterior Protection 

First, consider what your drone will do for you. Are you shooting footage thousands of feet above sea level several times a month? Are you managing a drone program in a local search-and-rescue service? Your drone’s application type and frequency should determine the outer case material you choose. 

Hard cases are manufactured with high-quality injection-molded plastic exteriors and are airtight, watertight, and crushproof. These cases are also pressure-regulated and include shock-resistant features, essential for harsh environments. Hard cases are also available in various standards and certifications and are compliant for airline travel. 

If you are using your drone infrequently and are not traveling with it, you can use a softer case for the protection you need. This level of protection still prevents the effects of external weather and keeps your drone together in one place, but it cannot protect a drone from more rough handling. 

Optional Custom Drone Case Features 

There are many factors you can consider when designing your custom drone case. In addition to designing a hard exterior and selecting your shock-resistant features, you may add customizations such as logos, dust proofing, nameplates, or a specialized foam interior design. Customizable foam inserts may cushion oddly-shaped parts or accessories that come with your drone. 

Essential Drone Case Features

A custom drone case will feature a few standard, essential design features. These features include: 

  • Carrying capacity: All cases should provide adequate storage for your drone, controller, propellers, flight batteries, and charger. 
  • Foam Interior Cushioning: Cut foam cushions your equipment with built-in shock-resistant characteristics. 

After you include these essential features, you can consider adding more space for your accessories and consider the handles or wheels your case may have for optimal transportation. 


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