What Foam Inserts Do To Protect Your Equipment

psi cases foam inserts protect your equipment

How can foam inserts protect your equipment? Customization and high-quality materials ensures excellent results.

When you have expensive equipment to transport, or anything that you value, you can’t take any chances with its protection. Whether you are transporting military, electronic, telecommunications, or medical equipment, you need your expensive and critical items to arrive at their destination safely and primed for load-out. One key factor of protective packaging design at Packaging Strategies, Inc., is custom foam inserts. Foam cushioning is designed to precisely fit each item that will be held in the case. How can foam inserts protect your equipment? The primary purpose of custom foam is to absorb the shock of impacts and protect fragile and irregularly-shaped items. 

Foam Inserts Absorb Potential Damage

To prepare for safe packaging, you need to expect the worst. Although it would be best if every package is handled delicately and is never dropped, there is no guarantee you can avoid mishandling. By preparing for drop damages, you can prevent the negative consequences of those drops. Installing custom foam inserts in your case provides your equipment with valuable shock absorption and protection. Imagine your case is dropped. While the hard shell of the case may mean that it won’t break, the reverberation of the drop will still impact the case’s interior. By adding thick, high-quality foam, the foam absorbs that shock rather than the equipment. This way, the equipment remains unshaken, unmoved, and undamaged. 

Foam Is Ideal for Shipping Fragile Items

No custom case is complete without foam inserts added for maximum protection. This is especially true if you are packaging fragile items like laptops, communications, and medical equipment. In these instances, you need foam cut to size to protect each item. With delicate communications or electronics equipment, even shaking that occurs during travel can damage the fine-tuned design of these items. By considering every layer of your protective packaging, you can ensure that these items are cared for properly.

Protect Irregularly-Shaped Items with Custom Foam Inserts

Foam inserts can protect your equipment through their custom design options. When you create custom foam inserts with the Packaging Strategies Design and Technology Center, you can create foam inserts specifically for each item. This is a much better option than relying on pre-cut standardized foam, which often just provides rectangular or square slots for equipment. By creating foam that snugly holds each piece of equipment, you can feel confident that these items will not shift, shake, or collide with other items during their shipment. 

Maintain Your Professionalism With Protective Foam Inserts

If you need more reasons to use foam inserts to protect your equipment, consider how this extra protection saves you money in the long run and creates a great impression. You don’t have to replace or repair items when your equipment remains undamaged. Additionally, when anyone opens your cases to use your items, they will be greeted with immaculately packaged and secured items. This positive impression will help maintain your professional reputation, as will your equipment’s security and reliability upon arrival. 


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